The TRUTH About Preventing Osteoporosis

Today I’m going to bust some bone-chilling LIES about osteoporosis. Yep, I am picking a fight with the dairy industry giants and maybe “common medical advice” that you have heard (and even be following).

If you are serious about preventing osteoporosis—keep reading.

MYTH: Osteoporosis is just something that happens to women in their later years.

FACT: Nope. You CAN prevent it—if you are intentional about your health. Living the Acid-Kicking Lifestyle will help you prevent it and enjoy optimal health throughout your life.

What “they” say you should do. By “they,” I mean: some conventional doctors, dairy and pharmaceutical industry lobbyists, the media (paid by pharmaceutical companies), etc.

  • Drink Milk.
  • Abide by the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.)
  • Take More Calcium—and only calcium.

  • Now, let’s break these down and debunk them.

    Drink milk.

    Many people believe they can prevent brittle bones and decay by increasing the consumption of milk and dairy products. However, this is a MYTH and a lie that has really caught on to help the dairy industry. 

    FACT: Milk is ACIDIC, and it DRAINS calcium from your bones. Milk does have a high calcium content. However, the human body can only utilize small amounts of calcium from cow's milk because it wasn't designed to drink it in the first place. For example, after twelve years of study, Harvard researchers found a correlation between increased dairy consumption and increased hip fractures in women. The extra dairy actually made their bones MORE FRAGILE. 

    Abide by the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.)

    Osteoporosis is not only linked to a calcium deficiency; it’s also an EXCESS ACID problem. When you’re overly acidic, your body goes on a scavenger hunt for minerals to neutralize the acid to maintain a healthy balanced blood pH. If you’re not getting minerals from your diet, your body WILL find another way…attacking your bones and tissues.

    Eating the “Standard American Diet”—high amounts of sugar, grains, dairy, meat, caffeine, and artificial sweeteners will rob the skeleton of almost HALF ITS CALCIUM over twenty years. No wonder pharmaceutical companies are making millions from osteoporosis drugs.

    Take More Calcium—and only calcium. 

    Only taking calcium doesn’t do much for your bones. Here’s why: Vitamin D makes it possible to absorb calcium. Vitamin K drives calcium to the bones, where it belongs. Together, they work synergistically to optimize bone strength—teamwork for the win. 

    You also can’t forget about MAGNESIUM. The latest research shows that a lack of magnesium is a major culprit to getting osteoporosis. 

    SOLUTIONS That Actually Prevent Osteoporosis.

    1. Take supplements that give your body the nutrition to naturally preserve and strengthen your bones. Acid-Kicking Vitamin D3 + K2 and Acid-Kicking Minerals will give you REAL results with no negative side effects.

    2. Get MOVING. Hike, lift weights, take classes, bike, ski, play tennis, chase your grandkiddos around—you HAVE TO get up and move. It detoxes, strengthens your bones, and energizes your mind and body. 

    Live The Acid-Kicking Lifestyle. Eat fresh produce (rich in calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients), delight your tastebuds with delicious recipes, manage stress, play outside, take strategic supplements, and learn how to live your best health ever.

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