Back-To-School With A Next-Level Immune System & Mind

The back-to-school sickies are a choice. And so is flu season. This year, opt out by opting into your health. However, tests and daily homework are still required to pass—AKA: not get sick.

Sharing juice boxes at lunch, sneezing on each other for giggles, and touching the same tables and computers means your little (or big) walking Petri dish is ripe for spreading viruses and bacteria faster than the latest playground gossip. However, that doesn’t mean it all HAS to equal sickness for you and your family—that’s such an old-school way of thinking. 

Keep reading to learn MY TOP SECRETS for optimizing your family’s immune system and brains for a phenomenal year of learning and living. 

Before I reveal the syllabuses for these mini-master classes, please note that Get Off Your Sugar and Get Off Your Acid are required reading for all students of health and life.

Immune System 101 With Professor Dr. Daryl

It’s test time. Yep, the first thing you should do is TEST: The Acid-Kicking GutFitness Lab Package. GI Map Test, MRT Food Sensitivity Test, and a Zoom call with me. No studying or No. 2 pencils required…those days are actually over. Whew.

80% of your immune system lives in your gut. If you want a superior immune system—you must focus on your gut. A healthy gut protects you from disease and illness; a damaged one invites all the bad stuff in.

Therefore, custom results from a gut health test can create a laser-focused protocol based on the right foods, supplements, lifestyle changes, and stress-management practices to HEAL and STRENGTHEN your gut microbiome, body, and mind. This will empower you to move OUT of fight or flight mode and INTO rest and digest—where the prevention and healing happens. 


Homework: Solve this math problem: Acid + Inflammation = ____ (Answer: A damaged gut that summons sickness in). However, there are solutions.


Before you get your results from The Acid-Kicking GutFitness Lab Package, start taking Acid-Kicking BLK Seed Oil immediately.

It is 3x more powerful than turmeric at reducing inflammation and provides 1,000x more powerful antioxidants (protectors of your immune system) than the popular: Vitamin E, Echinacea, and Elderberry.


Brain Health 101 With Professor Dr. Daryl

An unhealthy brain opens up space for mental health challenges, speeds up aging, and halts your kid's learning and ability to reach their full potential.

This is why I’ve teamed up with BrainSpan, the world leader in precision brain assessment, to give you an at-home test kit to help you decode your brain and health as you age. Your test results will give you the power to make amazing preventive decisions for your longevity, learning, and legacy. 

Omega-3 Inflammation Test Kit includes:

  • Omega-3 Index: How deficient you are in Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
  • Cell Inflammation Balance: Find out your Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio, one of the most important indicators of inflammation in your body.
  • Cell Toxicity Index: How toxic are your cells from carbohydrate metabolism?
  • 4 Cognitive Function Brain Assessments: Memory Capacity, Sustained Attention, Cognitive Flexibility, and Processing Speed

Homework: Answer this question in 400 words: What is a supplement that your body can’t produce but is CRITICAL for a healthy and thriving brain?

Ok, you don’t need to write 400 words, just 4 words: Omega-3 Fatty Acids. For extra credit, learn about why they are essential for accelerating learning, reducing anxiety and depression, preventing headaches, and improving cognition and brain functionality via this blog post.

Fatty Acids are CRITICAL to your brain health as our brains are 60% fat. The most common ones are omega 3, 6, and 9. In fact, fatty acids are as important to your brain and body as calcium is to your bones, and protein is to your muscles.

They are considered ESSENTIAL because your body can’t produce these fatty acids on its own. They must be consumed through food or superior supplements such as Acid-Kicking Omega-3.

Get an A+ in healthy living this year.

Optimal health is possible all year long for you and your family. Living The Alkamind Way will help you ace the test and make it happen. Do your research (here’s a great way to start) and add in proven products that ensure optimal health.

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