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You can spend all the money in the world on expensive products for shiny locks, but they won’t do any good if you aren’t taking care of your hair from the inside out.

In fact, if you’ve struggled with hair loss, brittle hair that’s prone to breakage, frizzy or fly-away strands, or dry, damaged hair from heat or color, you need to know that what you put on your hair is not nearly as important as what you put in your hair.

If you don’t address the root of the problem, literally, you’ll continue to be frustrated by the same issues. Although shampoo commercials and beauty magazines try to sell you on products to get a shiny mane, experts know the truth. “Shine comes from good nutrition and from quality, natural ingredients, like vitamin E,” says Aniko Kaye, Beverly Hills stylist and owner of Salon Aniko. 

This is especially important for women, because while hair is the fastest growing structure on the human body, it grows faster and more densely for men than for women.

But with the right nutrition, the same foods that nourish your body on the inside will make you look great on the outside with flowing, glowing locks. Just like a healthy tree with healthy roots will bear healthy fruit, so will your body have its strongest hair when you take care of it the right way.

So, what are the components of good nutrition that your hair is begging for?

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: The Mother of All Hair Products

Omega-3 fatty acids do so much for your hair, I could write a whole book about this. But I’ll try to keep it brief. 

You might assume that omega-3 helps with moisture in the hair, and it does, but it goes far beyond that too. In addition to soothing and moisturizing the scalp, the fatty acids encourage hair growth because they reduce inflammation at the hair follicle. 

In fact, Omega-3s are as important to your hair, as protein is for your muscles, and calcium is for your bones!

This is why one study indicated that women who take Omega-3 fish oil supplements experience significantly less hair loss and achieve more new hair growth than people who don’t take the supplement. Women in the study also felt more confident about the appearance of their hair as a result.

Research also shows that people who are deficient in essential fatty acids like omega-3, as well as protein, and B vitamins and zinc have dryer, weaker, and less lustrous hair than people who consume plenty of healthy fats and proteins.

At the scalp, omega-3 promotes blood circulation, preventing dryness, stopping dandruff and flakes, and keeping the scalp healthier overall.

Not only that, but omega-3 fatty acids provide some protection from heat styling and exposure to the sun’s UV rays. 


Wonder mineral magnesium is responsible for 700 functions and enzyme reactions in the human body, so it should come as no surprise that one of them is hair growth. It does this in 2 ways. First, it prevents buildup of calcium on the scalp, which leads to a dry, flaky scalp and clogged hair follicles, restricting new hair growth.

Secondly, magnesium helps with protein synthesis and melanin production, which means fewer grays and faster hair growth because hair follicles are made almost entirely out of protein.

Research also indicates that lack of magnesium in a person’s diet may contribute to thinning hair and premature graying.

B Vitamins

Several of the B vitamins – B2, B3, B5, and B7 – all help strengthen hair and assist with hair growth. Although research in this area is limited, studies do link biotin (B5) deficiency with hair loss.

Few humans are deficient in B vitamins, however, because they are naturally abundant in a wide variety of foods, including several listed below.

What to Eat for Gorgeous Locks? 
  • Avocados – Not only do the avocado’s healthy fats promote moisture at the scalp, the low-sugar fruit also contains vitamin B3, which is key for healthy hair, as well as skin and nails.
  • Raw Almonds and walnuts – Rich in healthy fats, vitamin B2, and vitamin E which promotes the body’s ability to produce collagen, keeping hair strong and supple.
  • Chia seeds – In addition to providing healthy fat, they also are a great source of protein and vitamin B7, which breaks down essential fatty acids like omega-3 so the body can use it to keep hair strong.
  • Kale – Full of iron and vitamin B2, kale and other dark, leafy greens help keep hair strong and healthy. Greens also keep the digestive tract moving to clear toxins that can otherwise build up on the scalp.
  • Cucumbers and green beans – Both veggies are rich in the mineral silica that improves the body’s natural collagen production.
  • Pumpkin seeds – Pepitas are a great source of zinc, which prevents scalp dryness.
  • Cacao – The antioxidant-rich superfood contains iron, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B2.
  • Spinach
  • – 1 cup of spinach contains half of the daily recommended value of magnesium, the mineral that is responsible for so many important functions in the human body, including hair growth.

Don’t forget that you cannot get enough omega-3 fatty acids from your diet, unless you’re eating salmon 3 meals per day. As much as I like salmon, I am eating less and less of it, do the toxic nature of the ocean.

Did you know that by the year 2050, there will be more PLASTIC in the ocean than there will be fish, and yes, this is in the fish?  You also cannot find a cubic centimeter of ocean that is not contaminated with Mercury, PCBs, Dioxins, and so many other toxic chemicals. So, while you CAN get Omega 3s from eating fish like salmon, anchovies, sardines, etc., you can’t get enough, and the trade-off is not even worth it.

So for this reason, it’s important for your hair (and many other parts of your body, including brain function, and reducing inflammation) that you take the best quality omega-3 supplement every day.

Omega-3 is not just good for your hair and skin – although it certainly is good for both – it’s also necessary for:

  • Brain health
  • Memory and focus
  • Cardiovascular health and cholesterol levels
  • Reducing inflammation throughout the body
  • Fighting free radical damage
  • And by taking them daily, you’re staving off aging and possibly adding quality years to your life.

Our Alkamind Daily Omega-3 is the best quality supplement on the planet. It’s the ONLY one with the ideal 2:1 ratio of EPA to DHA in a highly concentrated form. So you can take less and get more benefit from it. 

It has a nice lemon flavor with no fishy after-taste, and comes from the healthiest sustainably sourced Omega-3 rich fish from Norway.  In fact, to ensure its freshness and potency, we triple organically purify the oil, getting rid of every heavy metal and contaminant, and keeping the fish oil as clean and pristine as possible.

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Dr. Daryl

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Vanessa Griffin
Vanessa Griffin

Such valuable information.
I don’t remember reading anything like this before.
Lots of information about hair products but treating the issue from the root makes more sense.

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