Zucchini “Spaghetti” Aglio E Olio Recipe


You know I love to create alkaline versions of acidic favorites, and I’ve got another one for you this week.

Being Italian, one of the hardest obstacles I had to overcome was my love for pasta in oil and garlic!  This was a staple in our household growing up, and to give that up was quite frankly, sacrilegious!

I love spaghetti aglio e olio – Italian for garlic and oil – but here’s the thing…I don’t love all of the acid in traditional spaghetti and the parmesan cheese it’s usually topped with.

I want to be healthy, and pasta is a carbohydrate, that breaks down into SUGAR which is highly ACIDIC, plus with all that GLUTEN, a gut killer!  I wasn’t going to give it up, so I had to find another way!   

With that said, it’s so EASY to make this dish alkaline and actually good for you. We start with zoodles – zucchini noodles – and add garlic, extra virgin olive oil, herbs, and spices for a flavorful, delicious dinner that comes together in just a few minutes.

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Ingredients [Serves 4]

3 large zucchinis, cut with spiralizer to make “spaghetti” on the thick setting

6 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp. flat leaf parsley, chopped
Sea salt (Celtic Grey, Himalayan, or Redmond Real Salt) to taste
Red pepper flakes to taste


Spiralize zucchini and place in large serving bowl.

Lightly brown minced garlic in extra virgin olive oil over a medium heat. Pour garlic oil over zucchini noodles, and season with salt and red pepper flakes to taste.

Mix and garnish with chopped parsley. Serve and enjoy!

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Here’s what Mario and Courtney Lopez had to say about it…


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