GET OFF YOUR ACID-7 Steps in 7 Days, lecture with Dr. Gioffre

GET OFF YOUR ACID and reclaim your health with the author of GET OFF YOUR ACID - 7 Steps in 7 Days, Celebrity Nutritionist and Alkaline Diet expert, Dr. Daryl Gioffre.

Join Dr. Daryl Gioffre to learn how to rid your body of the four-letter word destroying your heath: ACID. During this interactive discussion, Dr. Gioffre will explain how to reduce acid and toxins in your body and gain more energy, crush acid reflux, strengthen the immune system and encourage weight loss. The average American diet is high in acid, which drains energy, promotes weigh gain and inflammation, and could potentially lead to illness. Dr. Gioffre's “7 Steps in 7 Days” plan gives your body clean, nutrient-dense, alkaline-forming foods that gently cleanse from the inside out. The comprehensive, yet simple plan, provides a roadmap to make healthy changes that are convenient and sustainable. Dr. Gioffre has helped countless people reclaim their health including celebrities such as Kelly Ripa, Mario Lopez, and Petra Nemcova.

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