Traveling Healthy Possible With New Wonder Product

Traveling healthy is hard, especially on a cruise where delicious dining options are available around the clock. On most cruise lines, we don’t even have to leave our stateroom to enjoy fine cuisine which makes healthy travel even more (enjoyable) difficult.  I suppose it’s a matter of perspective for many travelers.  Determination to eat right on land, seems to melt away at sea.  ‘Use the stairs, not the elevator’ says one experienced (stick person) fellow traveler as a panacea for all delights consumed.   So what to do?  We don’t want to skip one of the best parts of the experience.  Well, a new product has arrived that might be the first realistic weapon in an otherwise empty arsenal to fight this common issue: Post-Cruise Scale Avoidance.


New Alkamind promises to let us fulfill culinary dreams without ditching all of our New Year’s progress and to keep our bodies balanced. Alkamind’s Daily Greens and Daily Minerals now come in easy-to-travel, single-serve packets to throw in your bag or luggage before your winter-getaway cruise.




Photo- Alkamind

The Daily Minerals packet, you see,  is the most effective way to neutralize the acids and toxins in your body. Nothing is better.  We checked.   The Daily Greens packet has 27 nutrient-dense, alkaline-based superfoods to alkalize, detoxify and energize the body.


Here’s how it works: Take the Daily Greens first thing upon waking up to jump-start your day and the Daily Minerals at night for a detoxifying and recovering slumber. Upon return from your cruise, Alkamind’s 2-Day detox (sort of like colonoscopy prep I’m guessing) will be sure to get you right back on track. It is guaranteed to jumpstart metabolism (I bet!) and boost energy in just 48 hours. On board with this so far? Now here’s the hard part made easy: returning to food not prepared by a culinary genius.  There is hope there as well.  Read on.


Back home, detoxify your body with real, whole foods in the recipes from the Alkamind digital guide. Easy. You just have to hold it.  I think.

So drink those drinks, eat that food, let those culinary genius’ have their way with you at sea*. There will be no need to avoid the scales for a month after your sailing.


*Note: Chris took certain liberties with the facts associated with this product and is totally unqualified to give medical or dietary advice. Alkamind actually is a product aimed to help us travel in a healthy way, or make up for it when we don’t apparently.

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