Kelly Ripa Rocks Crop Top And Leotard On Instagram As Her Nutritionist Talks Bikini Body Backlash And Diet

Kelly Ripa credits a 'very manageable cleanse,' alkaline diet, and dance classes that she compares to 'clubbing' for her fit, fabulous figure at 47.

Kelly Ripa is getting raves from her Instagram followers for her new photo. Ripa posed in a crop top and leotards, showing off her amazing abs and thanking her fitness trainer in the caption. But beyond working with a trainer to tone her tummy, Kelly’s fabulous figure at 47 owes credit to her nutritionist.

Dr. Daryl Gioffre, who has taken on the role of diet guru to Ripa, talked with Page Six about the backlash that Kelly received over photos of her bikini

body on Instagram. The nutritionist also clarified the details of Ripa’s diet, which he feels is often misunderstood.


Kelly Ripa Has Healthy Approach To Bikini Body Backlash, Says Her Nutritionist


Kelly isn’t stressing over the slams she got over her Instagram bikini photos, said Gioffre. He linked Ripa’s desire to follow a healthy diet to her relaxed approach to coping with the backlash, noting that Kelly just goes with the flow (even when it turns negative).

In addition to praising Ripa for her healthy lifestyle, the nutritionist called her husband Mark Consuelos “incredible.” Mark and Kelly are “phenomenal role models for their kids,” he added, noting that Ripa’s husband is joining her in “doing all the right things” to look and feel healthy.

Kelly follows the Alkamind diet, created by Gioffre. However, he admitted that Ripa has customized his diet plan, which eliminates acidic beverages and acidic foods.

Kelly Ripa Admits One Cheat Food On Her Alkaline Diet


Gioffre wants to help others in addition to Kelly understand the alkaline diet.

He expressed appreciation for Ripa’s balanced approach to life, sharing that she follows his diet guidelines with one exception. Although Kelly was honest with him about her one cheat on the diet, telling Gioffre that she planned to drink her beloved coffee, the nutritionist said that she’s been diligent in sticking to most of the food plan.

“If I had to define Kelly Ripa in one word, it’s ‘balance’ and that’s what being healthy is all about,” added her nutritionist. “She lives this balanced lifestyle of doing 80/20.”

The 80/20 approach allows Ripa to enjoy her coffee while following the alkaline diet. Kelly authored the foreword to Gioffre’s book, Get Off Your Acid. The nutritionist also has helped Ripa’s daughter as well as Real Housewives Of New York stars Jill Zarin and Aviva Drescher with their diets.


Alkaline Diet Gets Credit For Kelly Ripa’s Bikini Body


Reporting on the bikini body backlash that Ripa survived, Peoplemagazine also credited her alkaline diet for her fit and fabulous body at 47. But it’s not just Kelly’s nutritionist who is praising the talk show host’s dedication to following her diet.


When Ripa’s husband Mark learned about the slams that his wife was getting for her bikini body on Instagram, he stepped up to respond by discussing Kelly’s healthy lifestyle.

Ripa’s high-alkaline diet makes vegetables the star. Kelly enjoys everything from broccoli to beets to kale. However, with the exception of that coffee, Ripa steers clear of foods that are acidic. Her forbidden foods list includes sugar, fish, and yogurt.

When Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos shared a photo of her bikini body on Instagram, some fans felt that her swimsuit choice was inappropriate for her age.


Kelly began following an alkaline diet in 2015. She shared that the diet has changed her life as well as how she thinks about food. Ripa jump-started her new food plan by turning to a seven-day cleanse created by Dr. Daryl Gioffre.

“It’s a very manageable cleanse,” said Kelly.

Ripa admitted that when the term “cleanse” is mentioned, people assume that she’s cutting her calories and drinking just “a green juice a day.” However, Kelly said that when she went on the cleanse, she actually ate more food.

“It’s what you eat and how you eat it,” added Ripa.

Kelly shared that her alkaline diet is mostly vegan. She occasionally eats fish or puts cream in her coffee. However, when she returns to the seven-day alkaline cleanse, she follows it carefully.

Ripa’s nutritionist shared that his diet has helped patients achieve impressive weight loss success, as the Inquisitr reported. Some dieters have lost five to 14 pounds in just one week on the plan.

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