3 Case Studies That You Will Relate To

Today I want to share a few case studies from people who have experienced huge transformations. In their own words, they’ll tell us what changed for them and what you can do to get these same results.

I want to thank Rachel, David, and Darlene for sharing their struggles and what worked for them after months or years of pain and frustration. I also want to acknowledge them for putting in the work, and getting the results they wanted.

Let’s get started.

Case Study 1: Rachel

Age: 35-44 years old

Goals: Lose weight, have better energy, reduce inflammation, have better sleep, and improve skin.

In her words: Start to a sustainable healthy lifestyle!

“Just finished my third Alkamind 7 day cleanse and I feel fantastic! When I started my first cleanse 6 months ago, I had acid reflux, lack of energy, a sugar addiction, and 25 extra pounds. Fast forward to now... All gone! The recipes are unique, delicious, and filling. So thankful for all the positivity and support within the Alkamind community. I'm glad I was able to finally find a lifestyle that works for me!” –Rachel

Why this case study is important: Rachel experienced A LOT of changes in just 6 months – going from no energy to plenty of energy, going from acid reflux regularly to no acid reflux, and going from an addiction to sugar to no more cravings.

But the biggest change she told us about may have been her incredible weight loss! For so many people like Rachel, years of trying diet after diet just don’t produce the long-term results they are looking for.

If you’re among the MANY people who have tried diets, cleanses, or weight-loss plans in the past and haven’t been able to stick with them, keep reading.

I’ve found that people in Rachel’s shoes are often really hard on themselves, thinking, “If I just had more willpower, I could do it.”

After all, you look around, and there are plenty of examples of people out there who eat super healthy, work out every day, and feel and look great as a result.

If you’ve struggled to lose weight or experience the diet yo-yo effect, I want to encourage you to shift your thinking. There are many ways to lose weight, but with most methods, it’s just a matter of time before the body returns to where it was previously.

That’s why what Rachel shared has the potential to change your life. What changed was not how hard she worked or how much willpower she had.

What changed was that she started eating more plant-based healthy fats and more green veggies as part of the 7-Day Alkaline Cleanse.

If you want to burn more body fat, you need to load up on more healthy fats. The more fat you want to burn, the more fat and fewer carbs you need to eat. Here’s why this works: 50 to 75% of your calories will come from these healthy fats.

Yes, we’ve been taught (by the sugar industry) to think that all fat is our enemy, and it’s true that some types of fats should be avoided, but the body NEEDS healthy fats.

Fat, as fuel to give you energy, is like slow-burning coal. In the absence of carbohydrates, your body breaks down fat (dietary fat and/or stored body fat), and begins to generate a new powerful fuel source from the liver called ketone bodies, or ketones. Ketones are a very clean source of energy and the ideal source of fuel for your body and your brain.

Most people, including you up until now, get their energy from burning sugar. So guess what happens when you reduce the carb load and feed your body healthy fats instead?

Weight loss! And the side benefit is eating more fat will keep you satisfied so you won’t feel the need to snack between meals.

This is the entire basis of the success of the keto diet craze. But unlike regular keto, we’re going to do it with CLEAN fats that make your body feel good. This is why I always tell people who are starting my powerful weight loss program, the 7-Day Alkaline Cleanse, to ease into it.

Start working toward the plant-based way you’ll be eating on the cleanse as soon as you sign up, and the transition will be soooo much easier than for the person who waits until Day 1 and then really feels the effects of the detox, going from one extreme to another, especially on Days 2 and 3.

That person has a harder time because they’re not feeling good yet, both physically AND emotionally. And that’s what goes wrong with so many diet and cleanse programs. You don’t feel good, and therefore, it’s not sustainable long term.

Clearly, it has been sustainable for Rachel, as she shows no signs of losing steam. Because of that, she’ll continue to see the results she wants.

Case Study 2: David C.

Age: 55+ years old

Goals: Lose weight, have better energy, reduce inflammation, and have better sleep

In her words: Feeling is believing!

“I finished the cleanse 3 days ago and am continuing with the fundamentals of the program including adapting recipes to eliminate 80% of acidic foods. All my goals have been met including: vast improvement in reducing acidic stomach and esophagus (affecting voice and thus social interactions and fear of serious disease); increase in energy and a more positive outlook; better sleep; improved elimination; almost complete loss of sweet cravings; and weight loss (close to a pound a day). My wife, who supported me on this journey and I both feel we’ve taken a serious step towards improving our health and our lives as we approach our 50th anniversary in a few months. Thanks Dr G. We are believers.” –David C.

Why this case study is important:

Like Rachel, David experienced a lot of powerful results from the 7-Day Alkaline Cleanse – better sleep, less reflux, more energy, no more cravings, and impressive weight loss.

But what I want to draw your attention to is the fact that David and his wife are about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! That’s incredible. That means they are at least around 70 years old, and as you can tell from what David has to stay, not slowing down anytime soon!

When you look at people you know who are aging well, who are healthy and thriving into their 70’s, 80’s, and beyond – when so many people that age become sick and infirmed – do you ever wonder what the difference is? I know I do.

Every once in a while, you come across someone who is nearing 100, but looks and behaves decades younger. They move easily without much joint pain, their skin has few wrinkles, they’ve got plenty of energy, and they still have a lot of vitality and vibrancy.

What’s their secret? What do they have in common? And what can we all learn from them so that we are graced with the same vitality?

Ask one of those lively 95 year olds and they’ll probably tell you it’s simple. The ones I know say they’ve stayed away from junk food. They’ve kept their bodies moving. They haven’t had much alcohol to drink. They don’t smoke. They’ve eaten real food, not junk.

The science backs this up. While there is some amount of luck involved, aging well is about avoiding the things that make you sicker and doing more of the things that keep you healthy.

That’s what the 7-Day Alkaline Cleanse can do for you, as well as set you up for long-term success as David pointed out. It’s not just 7 days and done. It’s a lifestyle shift that you’ll stick with because as David said, “Feeling is believing!”

Case Study 3: Darlene G.

In her words: “This is my 2nd time doing the cleanse because the first time was so amazing! I really need to focus on keeping my inflammation down for my arthritis and also staying off of acidic foods due to my reflux/GERD issues. It honestly has become life changing because I don't have to take PPI's for my acid reflux anymore and very little maintenance. As long as I follow the recipes and remind myself of the consequences of eating an acidic diet. And also I didn't get involved with this to lose weight, It naturally happened. I am extremely active and the thought of giving up my running, biking or swimming devastates me. There is really no sacrifice to me. It just all makes such important sense.

“Dr. Daryl is so supportive and passionate about helping people. He puts an incredible amount of time into this group and also as individuals. I cannot praise him enough . I love the cleanse.. it resets, gives me tons of energy and makes me feel like my life is full again. I originally started this because I was searching desperately for help. I had tried paleo and whole foods and had done other cleanses which only involved juice. There was no clear direction and no help with "after".. The recipes in this lifestyle are easy, DELICIOUS, and sustainable life long! And the group support is absolutely amazing – it really makes a huge difference.” –Darlene G.

Why this case study is important:

Darlene speaks to her experience as life changing because she no longer suffers from acid reflux symptoms or has to use harmful PPI drugs to keep heartburn under (a false sense of) control. But what I want to emphasize from this case study is that her lifestyle shift may also be life changing for what it prevents – possible life-threatening diseases like cancer.

Here’s why… Reflux is the #1 risk factor for esophageal cancer.

Acid reflux, often referred to as heartburn and known in the medical establishment as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), is a plague on our health in modern times that many people accept as a painful part of life.

It’s true that reflux is incredibly common. 1 in 2 – half – of Americans suffer from GERD and it increases in likelihood as we age. But just because it’s common does not mean we have to live with it.

If you’re one of the many Americans who deal with pain from symptoms like heartburn, burping, tightness in the throat, nausea, bad breath, and even tooth decay… you owe it to yourself to do what you can to kick acid reflux like Darlene did.

You see… Reflux begins and ends with the food you eat. That’s why Darlene saw incredible results when she made the changes in the 7-Day Alkaline Cleanse

By eating the foods that help cure acid reflux, taking the right supplements, and avoiding the foods that make it worse, you can get the same life-changing results

(Here’s my complete protocol for acid reflux.)

The Summer Group 7-Day Alkaline Cleanse is kicking off very soon!

If you want results like Rachel, David, and Darlene, this is your lasting solution for healthy weight loss, better mood, minimized acid reflux, and on-demand energy!

Our 7-Day Alkaline Group Cleanse is focused on getting great RESULTS all while keeping it super-simple. I’ll give you everything you need for success.

If you’re ready to find out more about the cleanse and opt in – because we only take the first 100 cleansers and it will sell out (it always does) – find out more now.


Dr. Daryl

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