3 Simple Health Strategies - Part 1

Knowledge is NOT power.
It is only potential power.
-Tony Robbins

I am here to give you knowledge and encourage you to take action, but only YOU can actually ACT! Right now, take a deep inhale and exhale everything out—aaawwwwhh!

Close your eyes and see yourself living out your best health ever. Open your eyes and COMMIT TO (realistic and practical) ACTION! 

I am not saying to only eat cold kale and run 18 miles a day—that isn’t realistic or enjoyable at all! It also wouldn’t even be healthy.

Instead, I encourage you to do these 3 simple health strategies daily. If you miss a day, no big deal. It is far better to do them 2x a week than 0x a week!

Feeling pHenomenal IS POSSIBLE. You have all the tools to do so; you just need to do it! All of these strategies are just tidbits from my book, Get Off Your Acid.

  1. Breathe & believe in yourself: Oxygenate. Yep, feel like you are overdoing the O2. Oxygen is the most important nutrient and one of the most powerful ways to alkalize and detoxify your body. It’s true—70% of the toxins inside your body are removed via the lungs. Oxygen literally gives you life, is totally free, and is all around you!
    1. ACTION: When you feel stressed, train your body to take in a few deep inhales and exhales. Let that stress—the #1 cause of acid—breathe it out!
    2. Bonus action: Start your morning with my 3-6-5 POWER BREATH, 365 days a year! See the graphic below. It is my favorite and most alkalizing breathing exercise. 

  • Be a superior supplementation superhero: Did you know that it takes SIXTY servings of spinach in 2017 to get the same amount of iron that was in ONE serving in 1948! YIKES! This is why supplementing is so critical. Your body only absorbs 30-50% of minerals in tablet or capsule form, but Acid-Kicking supplements are made with pure medical-grade powder that quickly dissolves in water, allowing 98% absorption!

  • ACTION: The Acid-Kicking Starter Kit is the best way to begin your best health ever ACTIONS! You will get 4 crucial alkaline minerals and 21 nutrient-dense alkaline superfoods in every little scoop! Get your Acid-Kicking Starter Kit here, or find your favorite Greens flavor here and Minerals here.

  • Love some lemon water: I recommend drinking lemon water any time of day, and all day. It is a gentle yet effective way to support and cleanse the liver, kidneys, colon, and help alkalize the body. Of course, no processed/prepared lemon juice—only use fresh, ripe lemons. Warm, room temp, or iced is up to your mood! 
      1. ACTION: Go squeeze a lemon into a glass of water and drink up, right now. Yes, right now, and then repeat. And repeat again tomorrow. 

    Easy as 1-2-3. While we can all agree that the saying is NOT true for putting together a baby crib or really anything with that phrase on the box. BUT it IS true for these 3 actions that will make massive differences in your health! Go on and step into your power! 

    P.S. Stay tuned for part 2 coming out in a few weeks!

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