4 Toxic Red Flags

On January 8th, YOU and countless friends from around the country can join ME in an Acid-Kicking Gut Detox.

As Tony Robbins profoundly states, Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. Action is power.

You can control how you feel, but you must take ACTION. I can give you the exact tools and resources to finally feel better, but YOU must be the one to step up and CHOOSE health and happiness.

You will never regret choosing YOU. 

The Alkamind Community Detox starts in just a few days (January 8th). Order Acid-Kicking 10-Day Detox right now so you can be ready for our prep call on FRIDAY. This special detox includes my proven and practical program PLUS 3 calls with me. The calls will be on January 5th, 9th, and 17th, all at 3 PM EST.

Instead of starving you—because we all know that will NOT work—this detox is all about restoring, balancing, and strengthening.

If your body, brain, and gut are sending any of these red flags, it’s shouting for a detox. Your body is designed to feel amazing. When it needs to take out the trash (detox), it will tell you the only way it knows how—miserable symptoms. 

If you are experiencing any of the below—you definitely should join our Acid-Kicking 10-Day Detox

Four Signs You Need To Detox

  1. Chronic headaches and fatigue. When your liver is drowning in toxins, it can’t send energy to your brain. Since our bodies are intrinsically connected, it also disturbs the central nervous system, causing it to send red flags of brain pain and fatigue. 
  • Mood swings, depression, and anxiety. If you are on an emotions rollercoaster—stressed, anxious, depressed, happy—and feeling like you can’t get off this miserable ride, it could be a hormone issue. One of the most overlooked causes of mental health challenges is toxins like xenoestrogens that wreak havoc on hormonal balance. They can be found in tap water, non-organic foods, cleaning products, processed foods, etc. When your hormones are off—YOU are off. 

  • Weight gain. If you are eating a nutritious diet (for the most part) and exercising but still not losing weight—it could be a toxin issue. Many toxins are lipophilic, meaning they get stored in FAT cells. These nasty toxins are encouraging the production of MORE FAT CELLS
    1. Skin, nail, and hair problems. Ever notice that you “randomly” break out with acne, oily skin, eczema, itchy skin, etc.? Skin damage, brittle hair and nails, and “normal signs of aging” also do NOT have to become your norm. Beauty is actually an INSIDE JOB (get the details here). In short, nothing is random. It’s your body sending red flags, saying your liver is overloaded with toxins and can’t work properly. Therefore, it is trying to flush out the toxins through your skin, nails, and hair.

    …and these are just 4 signs your body desperately needs to detox. I could list hundreds more reasons why toxins are preventing you from experiencing optimal health and happiness, but you have ACTIONS to take today.

    Close your eyes and envision it’s January 18th, and you are baffled by just how good you truly feel and look. Now, go take the ACTIONS to make that feeling a reality. Join now: Acid-Kicking 10-Day Detox

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