Green Zinger Detox Juice

For the people who won’t drink “green juice” because they can’t stand the taste, my Green Zinger Detox Juice usually changes their minds. The natural sweetness from the pears and ginger, combined with the tart zing of lemon, gives it a tolerable—dare I say, enjoyable—taste. 

In the shockingly toxic world we live in, detoxing is always essential any day of the year. However, after the holidays, it is CRITICAL. 


The dark, leafy greens are packed with magnesium, the key mineral for better sleep. To hack your way to The. Best. Sleep. Ever. take a capsule of Acid-Kicking Magnesium before you hit the hay. 

Sleep is when your liver can slow down and effectively detox, and ginger supercharges this process. Therefore, you will be doing one of the most important things you can for your health…all while you sleep.

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

  • 2 whole cucumbers
  • 1 lemon
  • 2-inch piece of ginger
  • Big handful of spinach, kale, or other greens
  • 2 pears


  •     Thoroughly wash your produce and start juicing. 

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Detoxification is the secret to revitalizing your body from the inside out and plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy gut. By eliminating toxins and nourishing your gut with nutrients, you can safeguard against inflammation and disease while restoring your gut's natural balance. 

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