8 Easy Ways to Keep Your Body Moving Even When You’re Busy

As we head into the fall, your time is valuable. If you’re like most people, you will have a lot going on over the next few months.

But that doesn’t mean you have an excuse not to keep physically active.

 One of my mottos is as one thing in life increases, so should another.  For example, if you have more stress ahead, you need to anticipate that, and do so by ADDING more types of exercise to alkalize and energize, BUT in a way that will not complicate your busy schedule, or your time.

Working out regularly not only fights acid, it also decreases stress levels, helps prevent illnesses like the common cold, and decreases your risk of health disasters like heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

This is not something that can fall to the bottom of your to do list!

However, it’s easy to keep your body moving while also churning through all of the other things you need to accomplish.

Here are my 8 favorite ways to get off your acid and get moving – no matter how busy you are.

  1. Walk through your to-do list.

Living in Manhattan (what I have coined the “Acidic Capital of the World), I don’t have much of a choice but to walk just about everywhere. I walk to work, I walk to the farmers’ market, I walk to the gym, I walk up the stairs to my 4th floor apartment, and I walk to get all my errands done.

But even if you live in an area where you drive everywhere, you can get in some extra steps to accomplish everything you need to get done.

Park your car a little further away where the spots are plentiful. Walk instead of drive to places that are close by. Pick an area to run errands where you can park once and walk from shop to shop to get everything done quickly. Or take a few laps around the grocery store while you’re shopping.

Get creative and think of ways you can get moving and accomplish everything else you need to do at the same time.

  1. Wake up early.

Before the mad dash of your day begins, take time for yourself. That’s what working out really is – it’s making time for your health, well-being, mindset, and your future.

You don’t need to do a long workout to get the positive effects of exercise to improve how your cardiovascular system functions, or to decrease the inflammation or acid levels in your body. Even 10-20 minutes is enough to give your heart the workout that it needs.

And I know you can find 10-20 minutes in your day!

If it’s high intensity exercise you choose, make sure you replenish your minerals after working out. Weight training, running, and anything high-impact can actually make your body more acidic with LACTIC ACID build-up. So finish with a dose of Alkamind Daily Minerals to get your body out of that state of acidosis.

  1. Have a dance party.

When you need a break from everything you have going on and stress is getting you (and the people around you) down, it’s time to do a Gioffre family favorite – have a dance party!

Whether it’s just you,  or you have the family together with the kids, find some upbeat tunes, crank up the music, and get moving.

After just 4 or 5 songs, you’ll find that your heart is beating faster, you’re breathing heavier, you’re feeling less stressed thanks to a rush of endorphins, and you’re already getting tired. Dancing is real exercise, and MUSIC is such a powerful changer of STATE.

Just because it’s fun and fast doesn’t mean you’re not getting a workout too!

 4.  Use the rebounder. 


The rebounder – or mini-trampoline – is more than just a quick workout by jumping up and down (although it’s great for that too)! NASA did a study and showed that the rebounder is 68% more effective as a cardiovascular exercise and for weight loss compared to running.

The act of jumping up and down is like a massage for your cells, essentially squeezing out the toxins and poisons from your tissue and flushing the lymphatic system.

The quality of your life is the quality of your cells.

Don’t think your cells need a massage? The lymphatic system, which runs throughout the body just like the circulatory system, doesn’t have a mechanism like the heart to move lymph around. Jumping gets it moving to prevent sluggish buildup of toxins and acids.

The rebounder is the most powerful exercise to keep cells healthy. It increases circulation and metabolism, aids in fat burning, and is much more fun than your average jog.

Every morning (in addition to a longer workout later in the day), I hop on my rebounder for 15 to 20 minutes to get my heart pumping and lymph moving. It makes for a great start to my day. And of course, it’s a super-convenient way for me to get the acid OUT!

  1. Combine down time and movement.

At the end of a long day when you’re tired and need a recharge, you might be tempted to chill out in front of the TV and binge the latest show.

But does that really restore you physically, mentally, or spiritually?

Instead, what if you practiced yoga or Tai Chi for 30 minutes? How much better would you feel deep in meditative thought, focused on your breathing, stretching your muscles, and balancing your mind and body?

I try to do this on days when a full workout just isn’t going to happen, and it’s the best way to end my day (however, you can do it anytime you need a recharge). And you can involve your friends and family too.

  1. Use your lunchtime.

If you’re able to take a proper lunch break, use it to get your body moving. Take a long walk before having a quick bite. Or hit the gym near where you work and then eat at your desk if you can.

This is a frequently overlooked time for exercise that can really break up your day nicely and get your blood pumping during the workday when you’re often too sedentary.

  1. Moderation is always key!

You guys already know my motto… Moderation, not deprivation!

This applies to working out too. When you deprive your body of movement, acid builds up, your lymph stops circulating, and heart and lungs lose some of their power over time.

A short workout is better than nothing. And working out a few times a week is better than not at all. So bottom line – find what works for you, whether it’s 20 minutes every morning or an hour a few times a week.

The important thing is that you make a habit out of it and stick to it, no matter how busy you are.

  1. Take shortcuts elsewhere.

It’s tempting to sacrifice your gym time when you’ve got something that just has to get done today. But these days, technology makes it easy to accomplish lots of things faster so you can spend time on more important things (like your health).

Order grocery delivery using an online service. Make a quick dinner so you’ve got time for a workout too.

My favorite shortcut is for breakfast. Instead of making a big production out of it, make yourself an easy alkaline smoothie, and add a dose of Alkamind Organic Daily ProteinIt supplies a full serving of organic, plant-based protein powder from the best possible sources, so you’ll be able to burn fat and build lean muscle faster during your workout.





No other protein delivers this much alkaline protein with this delicious taste!

It comes in two flavors, creamy chocolate and vanilla coconut. So try it today!  You can buy one canister or subscribe & save 15%.




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