Fat Burning Secrets: It’s not just about the gym

Yes, of course, working out for your mental and physical health is essential. However, fat burning can’t happen if you don’t give your body the nutrients and fuel it MUST HAVE to burn fat and sustainably lose weight—and keep it off. 

If you are oh-so-over following impossible plans that force you to cut out carbs, obsess over counting calories, and reduce literally everything you love about life just to lose weight—then you have come to the right place.

Fat Burning The Alkamind Strength-Living™ Way

Welcome to the Alkamind world of ADDING. Adding enjoyable movement, adding healthy fats and superfoods, adding supplements that make you happier and healthier, adding breathwork to release stress. ADDING good in your life so that you actually feel and look GOOD. 

Those miserable diets never work because they aren’t practical and can actually be really harmful to your body. 

This is why I created The Alkamind Strength-Living™ Way. It’s a way of life based on science and focusing on holistic health—body, mind, and soul—not a quick-fix, yo-yo diet.

80%. That’s all I ask. If you follow my simple fat-burning strategies 80% of the time, the pounds will melt off, premature aging will slow down, energy will be bountiful, and chronic diseases can be prevented! 

Fat Burning Secrets

Today, I’m shattering the myth that it is all—and only—about the gym or drinking protein shakes. Many protein powders are chock-full (and taste like chalk) of acidic ingredients like whey, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and fillers that make you GAIN FAT! Get the deets here

Fat burning actually happens when you reduce stress and toxins and ADD healthy fats to your daily life.

If you don’t remember anything else about this lesson, remember this: excess body fat is an ACID program. Too much acid builds up in your body in several ways, but here are a few of the kickers:

STRESS. Yep, stress is the #1 cause of acid. Managing stress (check out these mindfulness hacks and a few more here) will help you lose weight since it reduces acid. You are what you eat—and think.

TOXINS. Many toxins are lipophilic, meaning they get stored in FAT cells. These nasty toxins are encouraging the production of MORE FAT CELLS. Burning fat and losing weight can’t happen if your body is drowning in toxins—no matter how much you exercise. To effectively detox, regularly do an Acid-Kicking Gut Detox program. 

AVOIDING HEALTHY FAT. Of course, you should stay away from sugary and processed fatty foods most of the time. However, HEALTHY FAT is a real thing and ESSENTIAL to making you achieve pHenomenal results (pun intended). The phrase “fats are bad” is a total LIE made up by the sugar industry. A Strength-Eating™ Macro Plan should contain 25% healthy fats.

Some of my go-to healthy fats are EVOO and avocado oil, raw nuts and nut butters, chia seeds (root into these delicious recipes), and Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizers. Yep, your morning java can be a fat burner. As I said, melting pounds away is actually about ADDING. 

I reveal several more fat-burning secrets in the Fat-Burning Workout Kit. If you are doing all the things you have been told to do but aren’t actually working—the Fat-Burning Workout Kit for YOU.

Like drinking protein powder that is full of acid (instead of my Acid-Kicking PLANT-based Protein), many fat-burning schools of thought are archaic and potentially harmful to your body. Therefore, order your Fat-Burning Workout Kit to finally enjoy your best health ever.

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