Getting Into The Holiday “Spirits”?

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting or encouraging you to drink even a drop of alcohol this festive season. However, if you want to enjoy some libations and nosh and not experience their acidic effects, keep reading to learn how to KICK THE ACID and stay balanced.

Does grandma feel like she got run over by a reinbeer this morning?!

This holiday season, make it a “happy” one—not a “hoppy” one that will leave you feeling like the round, bloated big man in the red suit. Instead, your goal is to feel as energized and enthusiastic as the red-nosed reindeer making the whole thing happen!

As always, I would NEVER EVER want you to deprive yourself of anything. I’m here to help you THRIVE in the most delicious way! All you need to do is make a few simple switches and follow the 80/20 rule (eat the Alkamind way 80% of the time) to experience your best health ever—no matter the season!

Gift your family and friends divine Christmas mylk and cookies! 

Mylk: Golden Coconut Mylk is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-cancer, anti-indigestion, and anti-bad breath! Each sip of this potent and pHenomenally alkaline spiced drink literally removes the bad and flows in the good! How’s that for spreading holiday cheer?! Drink your gold—hot, warm, cool, or cold following this super easy recipe

Cookies: Cardamom Orange Chocolate Truffles is a decadent dessert that is actually packed with “healthy fats” that will energize you for hours—and help you lose weight! Rich notes of chocolate, coconut, cardamom, and orange—let the good times roll with these festive cookie balls!

Baby, it’s cold out-cider!

When sipping on an adult beverage with your friends this season, I want you actually to enjoy it and not be left in the cold! One or two beverages will not do irreparable damage on special occasions. This is especially true if Acid-Kicking Minerals and Greens are part of your daily routine. 

However, when thinking about what to sip on, here are a few things to know:

Here’s a general rule: The clearer and harder the alcohol, the better. Darker or opaque drinks with less alcohol content are usually more acidic and sugary.

Naughty List:

  • Beer is the single most acidic alcohol on the market, making it a pour choice. Wheat makes beer acidic because it spikes insulin levels, causing massive leaky gut issues. Beer also contains pro-inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids, which not only inflames your body but your brain as well. It gets worse...grains (from the beer) are stored and become contaminated with mold and fungal mycotoxins, which are carcinogenic. This process can also lead to chronic fatigue, depression, brain fog (or what I refer to as “brain debilitation”), skin rashes, inflamed lungs, dementia, and other health issues you want to avoid.
  • Cider is another bad apple in the brewski family. Hard cider is highly acidic because, like beer, it combines sugar (a LOT of it), fermentation, and in many cases, added gluten.

Nice List:

  • A little wine is fine as it is high in minerals and antioxidants. When it comes to how acid-forming they are, red and white wines are about the same. To sip on a healthier glass, drink sulfite-free wine or get a sulfite filter. Also, drink lower-sugar wine—go for descriptions like “DRY” and “CRISP” rather than “sweet” or “dessert.”

  • Go for gin! It is the least acidic, contains no sugar, and is distilled. Gin is also made from botanicals like juniper, licorice, or coriander. All of which contain minerals, making it gin-uinely better for you. However, be sure to avoid any gins that come from grains.

  • Ramp up some rum! Although it’s made from sugarcane, rum actually contains no sugar, gluten, or preservatives. So surprisingly, rum made my best list with one caveat—watch out for flavored rums, as they will throw in some artificial ingredients.

  • The gift of grape vodka! The most common brand made from grapes is Ciroc. If you drink vodka, I highly suggest you seek it out. Vodka made from potatoes or other vegetables are better than most, so if you can’t find Ciroc, look for: Chase (potatoes), Glen’s (sugar beets), Cirrus (potatoes), or Tito’s (corn).

  • As I mentioned above, the best way to reduce the horrible effects of acidic and sugary holiday foods and libations is to balance your body with Acid-Kicking Greens and Minerals. 

    The Acid-Kicking Starter Kit is truly the best gift of all because it provides both greens and minerals, as well as a digital guide to living the Alkamind 80/20 lifestyle!

    This guide will gift you Dr. Daryl's best tips and real-life experience to make it easy for you to transition to the acid-kicking lifestyle, lose weight, and feel better than ever!! It also includes 25+ delicious, easy recipes included for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

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