HEAL With The Soil Of Health

Did you know that growing a healthy immune system and a healthy garden are pretty similar in practice? Beyond sunshine and water, you need to tend to your soil carefully. This may include addressing its pH, adding in specific nutrients, and evaluating for toxins such as lead.

Gardens also differ from one season to the next, one home to the other. One garden’s soil could need more compost or nitrogen, while the other needs lime to shift the pH. 

With the right amount of nutrients and care for the soil’s specific needs, it will blossom and give you exquisite flowers, delightful fruits, and flavorsome vegetables.

“WAIT, hold up. Did I just read that addressing the pH (alkalizing) is essential for healthy soil (and therefore—body)?” Those were my exact thoughts as I read chapter 3 of CURED: Strengthen Your Immune System and Heal Your Life by Dr. Jeffrey Rediger.

His fascinatingly brilliant book is about how people “spontaneously” heal from TERMINAL illnesses. Chapter 3 dug into how our microbiome/immune system and soil require similar attention.

He dissected how some people not just survive but thrive for decades when facing an “incurable” diagnosis that should have ended their lives in mere months. Dr. Rediger grew up Amish on a farm, so he deeply understands plant soil and the human microbiome.

When digging into medical miracles, he discovered that a significant part of spontaneous healing came from people tending to their immune systems as a green thumber would meticulously care for soil or a car buff to their beloved classic car. 

Your Microbiome Is A Literal Garden

The microbiome of your gut is truly a garden. The living microculture determines how you react, process foods and nutrients, and control the roots of your health. This is because 70-80% of your immune cells live in your gut, intricately connecting with the intestinal microbiota, the intestinal epithelial layer, and the local mucosal immune system.

I (and many, many leading medical experts) believe the microbiome/immune system has been long underestimated, but it may be the secret sauce to changing the trajectory of many diseases and lifespans. 

In my decades of medical practice, I know that when people cut out chronic stress, processed foods, acid, sugar, cigarettes, alcohol, harmful relationships with food and people, bad sleep habits—and trade them all in the Alkamind lifestyle—they see and feel DRAMATIC RESULTS.

When your microbiome is alkaline, oxygenated viruses and bacteria are less likely to survive; the root of most illnesses is too much stress, sugar, and acid in our bodies.

YOU Have Control Over Your Microbiome

The wonderful news is—you have control over what you put in your body, mind, and soul. You CAN go from stress eating/living to STRENGTH-EATING™ (and supplementing) AND STRENGTH LIVING™. All of this can be done by Getting Off Your Sugar and Getting Off Your Acid.

ONE MAJOR and super simple step to ensure your immune system is blossoming is drinking a scoop of Acid-Kicking Greens EVERY single day.

Yep, your immune system never takes a day off, and neither should you. Both are tightly packed with all-natural superfoods, which will power up your resistance to illnesses, fight fatigue, and alkalize your body.

A plant’s roots, grown under the soil and hidden away, give it the ability to grow and blossom. Similarly, your immune system tucked deep inside your gut is what will make or break your ability to live YOUR BEST HEALTH EVER and help prevent diseases.

No two guts are the same, so always go with your gut.

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