Healthy Family-Fun Summer Activities

This summer, make it your goal to cultivate fun, healthy core memories with your family and friends. After all, that is what matters MOST in life.

Your kids (and grandkids and spouse) may not always listen to you, but they will mimic what you do and remember how you made them feel. 

Eating all the kale in the world won’t make a difference if you are flooding your body with STRESS (the #1 CAUSE of acid) and disconnected from loved ones. Therefore, make this a summer that you not just remember—but cherish. The first step is to be intentional with your time. To give you a jump start, I listed out a few of my favorite healthy family-fun summer activities.

Drum roll…my top 2 healthy family activities are:

Farmer’s Market and Picnic

Talking to your local farmer, supporting your local economy, smelling the fresh flowers, seeing all the beautiful colors of fresh produce, enjoying fresh strawberries as you walk around, dancing to live music…I could go on for centuries about how much I LOVE farmer’s markets! It activates all your senses and floods you with serotonin, the happy hormone. 

Taking your friends, kids, and spouse to a market cultivates a special connection to the seasonal food you buy, and they will be more likely to enjoy eating your loot. Life hack for getting picky eaters to fill up on fresh, flavorful nutrition! 

For an even sweeter memory, make it a full experience. Pack a blanket and a ball to kick around, hide all cell phones, and empower each family member to pick a few things for a picnic. Take your local treasures to a park, lake, or beach and enjoy a day in the sun that everyone will cherish.

After a day of eating fresh food, connecting with your family instead of a screen, and being in nature—take a moment to notice if you feel calmer and happier. I guarantee you will. Read this blog and this blog to learn the science of happiness.


Humans are basically plants with emotions. We both need sunshine, water, nurture, and connection to our earth. 

Gardening is a fantastic way to connect your family to how food grows (it doesn’t magically appear in a grocery store). It also gives them the joy and responsibility of nurturing something that will, in return, nurture them.

With my kids, the more they are connected to healthy food, the more likely they will want to eat it. I am sure your kids will do the same. If you live in an apartment—no excuses. You can still grow herbs in a window or get a hanging tomato plant for your balcony. 

A few finalists include:

  • Rebounding: NASA did a study showing that the rebounder was 68% more effective than running at improving your cardiovascular health and losing weight. And it’s something your kids already love doing. It’s also the #1 exercise to kick acid right out of your body. Hop on over to my Instagram or this blog post to learn more. And here are 3 hacks to control the aging process.
  • Backyard Olympics: Relay races, sit-up competitions, all-star basketball hooping…create all sorts of fun events and get your family moving.
  • Bring your neighbor a healthy treat: Show your kids the importance of doing nice things for others. Find a delicious and easy recipe here.

  • To energize yourself for a fun summer day, add a scoop of Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer to your morning java ritual. The Alkamind life is all about ADDING—not taking away.

    Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizers chuck out the acid and ADD in superior health benefits such as minerals for peak mental and physical performance to win the day.

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