Is Magnesium Your Missing Link?

You could be a daily kale eater, meditator, organic produce buyer, Pilates-doer, and Omega-3 taker—AND still be a terrible sleeper, depressed, plagued with osteoporosis, and pulled down by brain fog (and the list goes on).

How is this possible? You are doing everything RIGHT…or so you think. 

Your Problem:

Your body is shouting at you for more MAGNESIUM. When your body is depleted of an essential ingredient, it will communicate with you through miserable symptoms such as mood disorders, high blood pressure, bad sleep, joint pain, etc.

Please still eat the kale, exercise, and take supplements—just ADD magnesium to your daily optimal health protocol. (P.S. You can be the first in line to get my new Acid-Kicking Magnesium with the 3 most bioavailable forms of magnesium right here.)

The Earth’s Problem:

It’s not your fault. Countless issues are poisoning our planet. Just two are listed below. However, now that you know better, it is up to you to DO BETTER so you can (finally) feel better. 

Industrial farming is horrifically depleting soil of all minerals. GMOs, pesticides, herbicides—aka—chemicals with absurdly long names are drenching the soil that grows your food.

Even though you may have been sold that fluoride is a regular part of your dental cleaning, it is actually horrible for your health. You may also not know that it could be added to your town or city’s tap water, found in rivers (and other sources) that water farms, and is the focal point of your toothpaste. But have you also noticed the toothpaste and mouthwash warning label, “Harmful if swallowed. Call Poison control.” If you need to call poison control for something you put in your mouth, it shouldn’t be anywhere near your body.

Fluoride has been associated with potential downsides such as the reduction of magnesium in your body and its possible connection to conditions like neurological diseases, high blood pressure, seizures, weak bones, and a mouthful of other health problems.

An effect known as Dental Fluorosis can also occur, which refers to dental problems such as tooth decay and discoloration. Yep, the thing that was sold to you—and your children—as a way to keep your teeth healthy actually may be causing far more harm than good. 

My family uses Revitin Toothpaste. It is created by Dr. Gerry Curatola to “nurture and balance your mouth’s natural ecology, the oral microbiome, with prebiotic nutrients for optimal long-term oral health and total body wellness.”

Knowledge is just potential power. ACTION is power.

YOUR ACTIONS today and every day moving forward are what control your health and well-being. 

You don’t need to live in a cave and become a monk in the name of health and wellness— just ADD in a few critical supplements. Start with Acid-Kicking Magnesium (pre-order today).

As time goes on, add in a few Alkamind Recipes and some Acid-Kicking Greens. Keep learning by reading the Alkamind Blog to TAKE CHARGE of your health.

It’s truly amazing how adding a little thing to your day—the exact thing your body is calling out for—makes all the difference.

A University of Notre Dame study calls magnesium the “invisible efficacy” because over 75% of Americans are deficient. Every organ in your body REQUIRES it—so start giving the body exactly what it needs via Acid-Kicking Magnesium.

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