Got Plant-Based Calcium

Plant-based calcium sources absorb into you better than any dairy calcium. They fill your body with nutrition and strength instead of acids and sugars. 

Remember the 90s “Got Milk” marketing campaign with celebrities strutting their milk stashes? We all do—it was everywhere and made people believe that we must douse our bodies in milk to prevent brittle bones.

But milk (and other dairy products) doesn’t actually do a body good. It’s a myth and a lie that has caught on due to the dairy industry’s MASSIVE lobbying and marketing budgets. 

Cow’s Milk Is a Bunch Of Bull

Fact: Milk is ACIDIC. It actually drains calcium from your bones.

After twelve years of study, Harvard researchers found a correlation between increased dairy consumption and hip fractures in women. It’s true, milk has a high calcium content, but the human body can only utilize a small amount of it. 

Non-organic cow’s milk is also overflowing with dangerous toxins—from the pesticides they eat to the hormones injected to increase their milk supply.

One utterly harmful fact is that 80% of all the antibiotics in America are fed to livestock. Not only is this creating a terrible problem with gut-resistant bacteria, but it is also contributing to a LEAKY GUT EPIDEMIC and the destruction of our delicate MICROBIOME. 

Got D3+K2?

Besides eating all the plant-based calcium options, taking Acid-Kicking Vitamins D3+K2 is a superior way to ensure you continue to build and maintain strong bones.

Vitamin D3 makes it possible to absorb calcium. Vitamin K2 drives calcium to the bones, where it belongs. Together, they work synergistically to optimize bone strength. 

Supplementing with this powerful team also boosts your immune system and reduces the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and many other health challenges related to aging. Vitamin D is also essential for boosting mental health during the cold, gloomy winters.

Join the Alkamind community and trade in fake milk stashes for Acid-Kicking D3+K3 drops (Got mint flavor?) that actually strengthen your bones.

P.S. Print this image off, stick it on your fridge, and try to add a plant-based calcium source to your next meal or snack.

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