Magnesium: A Secret Triple-Threat for Kicking Out Illness

I’m constantly thinking of better ways to help YOU optimize your mental, emotional, and physical health.

As a dad, husband, soccer fanatic, author, speaker, and business owner—I fully understand that we all need effective, practical, and efficient solutions to healing from illness and preventing future health challenges. Living in a purely organic, stress-free, and zero-pollution world where we exercise and eat perfectly sounds dreamy but will never be a true reality. 

Long story—short, all of my researching, thinking, listening to the Alkamind Community, and collaborating with leading wellness experts has led me to create Acid-Kicking Magnesium from the most ultra-pure and potent forms of chelated magnesium. You know I would never give you anything that less than the VERY BEST.

To simplify what you need for peak mental and physical performance, I combined THREE of the MOST powerful and bioavailable medical-grade forms of chelated magnesium into each Acid-Kicking Magnesium capsule.

And without further ado, I proudly introduce the secret triple threat to healing and preventing illness this holiday season and all year long.

#1 Magnesium Citrate:

  • Desperately seeking natural relief from constipation and all the discomfort that accompanies it (bloating, passing gas, digestion issues, etc.)? Citrate is your smooth-move BFF.
  • Are you entering a chapter where you must be extra intentional about strengthening your bones? Call on citrate for bones of steel.
  • Would a sick-free winter be the best gift ever? Citrate is the gift that keeps giving to your gut health—home to 80% of your immune system.

#2 Magnesium Bisglycinate: 


  • Do you daydream about a deep and restorative sleep but can’t figure out why the sand man skips you each night? A lack of Bisglycinate in your system is probably the reason why. For more of my TOP sleep biohacks, please check out this blog post.
  • Would the ability to control your stress and anxiety immensely impact your life for the better? Take the reigns with Bisglycinate.
  • Did you know that STRESS IS THE #1 CAUSE OF ACID? Rejuvenating sleep and managing stress are two of the best ways to achieve mental clarity and prevent your body from getting bogged down by acid…aka illnesses.

# 3 Magnesium Taurate: 

  • Did you know the CDC reports “about 1 in 5 female deaths is due to heart disease,” including coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and heart attacks? This stat shatters my heart because these deaths can be preventable with the Strength Living™ lifestyle. Taurate does a number on your heart in the best possible way. It also protects your brain, eyes, and muscles from damage and stress.

A University of Notre Dame study calls magnesium the “invisible efficacy” because over 75% of Americans are deficient. Every organ in your body REQUIRES it—so start giving the body exactly what it needs. 

For superior results, swig Acid-Kicking Magnesium with a glass of Acid-Kicking Minerals and watch your anxiety, sleep problems, constipation, etc., evaporate. It’s truly amazing how adding a little thing to your day—the exact thing your body is calling out for—makes all the difference.

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