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Here at Alkamind, we want to give you information, tools, and research to help you be the healthiest version of yourself.

So we took a close look at what has caught on with you. In other words, we asked, which of the blog posts we’ve written over the years have been read more than any others?

Part of why ideas spread on the Internet is the simple idea that if something has value for lots of other people, it probably will be valuable to you too.

That’s why I’m sharing the top 10 most popular blog posts on our website – out of hundreds of posts – along with a short excerpt from each to give you a taste.

Thousands of people keep coming back to these posts, sharing them, and (hopefully) putting them to use. I’m sharing them again so you can too.

Let’s get started with our most popular blog post…

The Bad, Better, & Best of Alcohol (If You Drink at All, You Need to Read This

Our #1 most popular blog post is about alcohol, can you believe it? That’s because the acidity of alcohol is not created equal, so if you choose to imbibe at all, it’s a good idea to get educated on what’s okay to drink in moderation and what to avoid.

Excerpt: “Red wine is high in minerals and antioxidants but also high in…SUGAR & YEAST! And a little side note, if you think yeast is not a problem for you, you need to think again. The research reveals that 80% of the American population has leaky gut.”

Your Complete Alkaline Shopping List

It’s no question why this blog post is so popular. I’ve had several people tell me they actually print it out and bring it with them to the grocery store, making it easy to hit the good stuff while passing by the rest.

“You know I often say to shop the perimeter of the grocery store. That’s where the nutritious foods are. Most of the middle is processed junk. However, you’ll notice quite a few items in the middle of the store on the list below. That’s because they’re staples – you’re not going to need to buy them all that often once you set up your alkaline pantry. That’s why week to week, you’ll do most of your shopping on the perimeter.” 

The Truth About Aging & Vegetarians (You Might Not Like This)

This one is controversial. You know I eat about 98-99% vegan, so I’m not hating on vegetarians and vegans out there, whether it’s for their health, respect for animals, or concern for the planet. But that said, many of the sickest people on earth are vegetarians. I explain why and what you can do about it to ensure you stay healthy. 

Excerpt: “What problems are caused by this type of diet? Sagging skin and wrinkles, arthritis, brain fog and memory problems, depression and anxiety, compromised immune system, and weakened muscles… In short, a vegan or vegetarian diet exacerbates aging. Let’s break down the 3 reasons why vegans and vegetarians age faster.” 

The Top 7 Most Alkaline Foods on the Planet


Want to know the most nutrient-packed, energizing foods you can eat to fight off cancer and other diseases, keep you looking and feeling young and healthy, and rid you of symptoms from IBS to acne? You’re not alone, which is why this blog post on the top 7 alkaline foods is so popular.

Excerpt:How to enjoy more celery: Juicing celery is especially effective for gleaning all of its nutrients, but there are many ways to enjoy celery raw. Remember ants on a log from your childhood? Enjoy celery as a ‘celery boat’ with raw almond butter and replace the raisins with flax seeds. Toss chopped celery on salads and add it to your veggie soups.” 

The 7 Most Acidic, Harmful Foods You Can Eat (& What to Eat Instead)

These 7 foods make you sicker, fatter, and weaker. In this post, I talk about how you can move away from any of these foods you might currently be eating without feeling deprived. Warning: #6 could be tough to swallow!

Excerpt: “Before we jump in with these foods and how to replace them if you are currently eating them, I want to make one thing clear… Deprivation NEVER works! It’s about moderation, not deprivation! So if you’re eating these foods right now, that’s okay. This is not about feeling guilty or stopping cold turkey. It’s about replacing the foods that are harming your body with ones that are going to heal your body.” 

Absolute Must Read Before You Eat Another Piece of Fish



If you’re a pescatarian or omnivore, you need to know these myths about the fish you see at the grocery store, which ones to avoid, and which ones to eat more of. Excerpt: “Myth 4: Eating fish with mercury every once in a while won’t hurt you. Unfortunately, most of our fish supply has some level of mercury in it these days due to contamination from power plants and other industry. Because of this contamination, our bodies are being contaminated with mercury too. If you’re eating fish at all, you probably have a low level of mercury in your blood already. So it’s vital you stick with low-mercury fish.” 

Signs of Too Much Acid in Your Body

When people find out about the alkaline lifestyle, one of the first questions they have is, “Am I acidic?” I tell them to take a look at their symptoms. That’s what this blog post does – I walk through the most common symptoms of acidosis and explain why they are signs you need to get off your acid.

Excerpt: “Are you feeling sluggish, exhausted, bloated, and heavy? Do you feel tired even after a good night’s sleep? Or worse, do you toss and turn in the middle of the night, then wish you could sleep all day? Do you struggle with persistent symptoms like headaches, acid reflux, or acne (or any skin condition for that matter!)? These are all classic signs and symptoms of acidosis, or too much acid in your body.” 

A Day in the Life of the 80/20 Alkaline Lifestyle

You know I like to talk about the power of shifting away from an acidic lifestyle toward an alkaline lifestyle by thinking of it in percentages – aiming for 80% of your food to be alkaline and just 20% to be acidic. That’s the goal. Well this blog post breaks down just how to make that goal your reality.

Excerpt: “Usually in the middle of the afternoon, I’m ready for a snack, so I turn to kale chips, toasted chickpeas, or hummus and veggie sticks. As long as it’s easy or already prepared, I stick to low or no sugar afternoon snacks that have a little protein. That’s what your body really needs when you crave that latte and cookie at 3:00 PM!” 

The Truth About Fruit – Is it Good or Bad for Your Health?

This post breaks down the myths and common misconceptions about what makes a food alkaline or acidic. And some of your favorite foods might surprise you. 

Excerpt: “Just because a food is classified as “acidic” (i.e. citric acid fruits), this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is acidic. On the contrary, some of these citric acid fruits are alkaline-forming once consumed inside your body, and this is where all the confusion lies. Here is the deal…I don’t want you to be focused on what the specific food or drink’s pH is OUTSIDE of your body. What is more important is the effect the food has on the body once CONSUMED.” 

A Complete Month of Alkaline Lunch Ideas

It’s no surprise this one is so popular. Who doesn’t want new ideas to mix up the same old lunches?

Excerpt:Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortilla with raw almond butter and cinnamon – Food for Life Ezekiel 4:9 brand makes these and you can top them with all kinds of things. We do hummus and greens a lot too. The sprouting action removes most of the gluten, so this is our go-to bread, but in moderation (no more than 2 to 3 times a week for the bread and/or sprouted tortillas).”

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