The Dr. Daryl Diary: My father.

Welcome to 2023! WOOO! I am extra excited about this year because I’ve got some game-changing announcements that are really hard to keep secret! Stay tuned to my Instagram page and this blog so that you won’t miss a beat!

This year I am also going to share some personal moments in my life in the Dr. Daryl Diary series. I consider you part of my family, so I want to bring you into my inner world.

Today’s diary is about my beloved late father, Donald Gioffre. My hero and the man who ignited my purpose: helping people experience their best health ever via the alkaline lifestyle.

This is one of my most treasured photos because my dad was able to meet my sweet baby Alea—who is now 5 years old!

Always remember: Health is your most valuable asset. Don’t wait until it’s gone to begin to take care of it.

The Dr. Daryl Diary: My Father & My Purpose 

The first diary entry I will share takes place in 2014 in New York City. Keep a pulse on this blog for more entries coming each month!

Since my beautiful wife and I recently had a baby boy, I had my phone glued to my hand whenever I left—just in case. If you are a new parent—you totally get this. I was out getting in a final run before my long-anticipated New York City Marathon in my hometown at the time (I currently live in sunny Florida!). It was a gorgeous sunny day in Central Park, and I was taking it all in.

On mile 8, my phone rang, and I quickly checked to see if it was my wife Chelsea. Nope. All good. It was my brother, so I kept running. Milliseconds later, I received another call and a text from my brother: ANSWER!!! EMERGENCY!!!!! 

My heart panicked. I knew it was my father, and I had a gut feeling that this text would change everything. 

As I rushed to the hospital, I learned that my parents were driving down the highway when my father (who was driving) passed out with his foot on the pedal—going 70 miles an hour! 

The car drove up onto the concrete divider, then back down. As the car began to ride back up the divider for a second time, my mom pulled the keys out of the ignition. Miraculously, the car came to a slow, grinding halt. She looked over at my dad, who looked lifeless. I could not imagine what that moment must have been like for her, thinking he had died. 

My dad was miraculously alive, just unresponsive, and was rushed to the hospital. After countless tests, the results were uncovered: Esophageal CANCER. 

The next few days were excruciating, as uncertainty took over and every thought became consumed by my worst fears. But as with any challenge, you step up, find your strength, and devise a game plan.

During a meeting with one of New York City’s top oncologists, his words were verbatim: “The root cause of your father’s cancer is TOO MUCH ACID in his body.” 

The shirt I wore during the meeting said: GET OFF YOUR ACID - the tagline of my brand new company. Nothing motivates you more than trying to help save the life of the person who gave you life. 

From that day forward, my parents lived a 100% alkaline diet. I am 100% certain that is why he lived long enough to meet my sweet baby girl and be upgraded to the title of: Grandpa x2. 

This is just a snapshot of the story of my father and life’s mission. You can read the full story, as well as digest my entire health philosophies and practical guidance in my books: Get Off Your Acid and Get Off Your Sugar.

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