The Skinny On Fats & Sugar

A Big FAT Lie

The phrase “fats are bad” is a total LIE made up by the sugar industry. A Strength-Eating™ Macro Plan should contain 25% HEALTHY FATS. Oils such as EVOO and avocado, raw nuts such as almonds and walnuts, and chia seeds are all examples of fats that are essential to your brain and body health. 

But what does the sugar industry have to do with fats? I’m glad you asked. Here’s a thin history lesson on the fat industry. Remember 10+ years ago when you saw labels proudly claiming “trans-fat free” all over the place—even on cookies? Those labels have mostly gone away. When was the last time you even saw one? 

Tragically, we as a society did not get healthier—we just got more addicted to sugar. Trans-fat just got swapped out for MORE sugar to make that cookie taste good. Sugar also received 62 and counting new aliases. Yes, you read that correctly; sugar has 62+ names. If it ends in “ose,” it is probably a code word for SUGAR. 

Sneaky Sugar

Sugar is incredibly sly, hiding in the least expected places. BBQ sauce, ketchup, and pasta sauce—yep, even these savory condiments are filled with SUGAR! This is why I wrote a practical and actionable book: Get Off Your Sugar. This scheming substance is a major contributor to inflammation, weight gain, brain fog, aging, and chronic disease.

Decoding with Dr. Daryl

If you’re craving sugar, it’s not really even technically you who is doing the craving; it’s your gut bugs. Eating a lot of sugary foods breeds unhealthy bacteria, toxins, parasites, fungi, mold, and yeast.

These are living organisms that have to eat, and they LOVE sugar. They actually need it to survive. Given that our GUT MICROBES coevolve with us and constantly depend on the incoming food we eat to provide for their own sustenance, it's really no surprise that they can preferentially shape our eating preferences to improve their own chances of survival.

The skinny: Your stomach bugs can make YOU crave more sugar so THEY get to thrive.

Add—Don’t Take Away

Here’s a little pro tip from a former sugar addict! Some people sleepwalk; I used to eat candy while in a sleep state. That’s how addicted I was! It is hard to overcome sugar cravings, but impossible to overcome if you focus on depriving yourself. 

ADD, don’t take away. And as you add more of the GOOD to your diet, it will soon crowd out the bad. To do this, just follow my Strength-Eating™ Macro Plan

ADD in good fats (raw nut butter and coconut oil), healthy protein (wild-caught salmon and Acid-Kicking Plant-Based Protein), natural fiber (kale and spinach), and, of course, Acid-Kicking Greens and Acid-Kicking Minerals. 

You CAN be a sugar cravings crusher—you just need to give yourself the right fuel.

P.S. Coffee creamers and mixers are bursting with sugar. It’s the sugar

industry's way of getting you hooked on sugar for the rest of the day.

As I said above, it’s all about adding (the right stuff) and NOT taking away. This is why I created Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizers in delectable flavors such as Mocha and Hazelnut.

Just one scoop will turn your basic cup of joe into a brain-boosting, fat-burning, and alkalizing cup of optimal health coffee!

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