The Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve doesn’t nearly get the attention it deserves, which is why I have dedicated a full blog post to it. Without question, it is one of the most powerful and influential forces in your life. Buckle up and hold on; it’s time to learn and be blown away.

The Vagus Nerve 101

You are most likely reading this blog because you are a student of life and are intentional about your health—your greatest asset. Be proud of your dedication to education and sharing the knowledge with your family and friends.

Today’s class is all about the nerve that connects the 3 hearts of your body—the brain, heart, and gut (80% of your immune system). It’s like an antenna running the length of your body that is always “on'' and listening for signals that indicate danger or safety. The Vagus Nerve is also a major component of the parasympathetic nervous system which constitutes the autonomic nervous system (ANS), with the sympathetic nervous system. 

Stress & Acid Related Health Issues

This superhighway of information in your body initiates your response to “fight or flight” signals. It can determine if your body goes into a protective, withdrawn, shut down, receptive, open, or connective mode.

STRESS is the #1 cause of ACID in your body. Therefore, keeping your Vagus Nerve calm, a controller of your body and stress, is a TOP priority. 

Stress inhibits the Vagus Nerve and has deleterious effects on the gastrointestinal tract (GI) and on the microbiota, which also lead to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Your body is exceptionally connected. This is why taking SSRIs such as Lotronex doesn’t solve the full problem. No one issue lives on its own in your body.

At Alkamind, we are literally biohacking our bodies. Changing your inner and outer environment will give you control over your biology and longevity.

How I Reduce Stress And Support My Vagus Nerve

    1. Meditation: My favorite meditations are by Dr. Joe Dispenza. 
    2. Brain Fitness: I use BrainTap daily (even on airplanes) to guide my brain from awake and reactionary patterns to intuitive and creative responses.
    3. Read a book that inspires and empowers: Social media posts do not count. I’m talking about a real book that you hold in your hands.
    4. Cold water therapy: Wim Hof pulled himself out of a deep depression through the natural powers of breathing and cold therapy. Discover his method for keeping your muscles supple and mind clear. Take a cold shower (even for 30 seconds at the end) or jump into a cold pool or ocean.
    5. Forest Bathing: Simply get out in nature. Turn your phone off, move your body, breathe fresh air, and be in awe of the beauty around you.
  • Supplements: L Theanine, and Acid-Kicking Minerals all help calm your brain, gut, and nerves.
    1. Yoga and breathwork: If you can’t attend an in-person class, do a free online class. Make it a daily practice, even if it's just for 6 minutes. We all have 6 minutes.
    2. Grounding: Walk around barefoot, connecting with mother earth. For me, nothing reduces stress more than feeling the sand and water on my toes while breathing in ocean air with my family.

    Remember this (write it out and put it on your mirror if you need to): If you don’t make time for wellness (supporting your Vagus Nerve)—you will be forced to make time for physical and mental illness.

    Vitamin D = Drops Of Sunny Happiness

    Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for your nervous and immune systems (what your Vagus Nerve connections). Without vitamin D, they can’t do their jobs. This leads to you feeling depressed—your nervous system SHUTTING DOWN—and physical sickness.


    The blues don’t have to be your song. Bring notes of relaxed happiness by dropping Acid-Kicking Vitamin D3 + K2 in your mouth each day.

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