Wake-Up & Kick Acid With Coffee

Do you say hello to your cup of joe before your  family each morning? Is your morning brew essential to getting you through? 

I get it. Coffee is critical. Even though it deceptively is a leading cause of major health issues:

    • The average cup of coffee has a pH of 4, making it 1,000X more ACIDIC than tap water. 
    • Coffee also increases inflammation by 54% in HEALTHY people. 
    • The acidity and chemicals in coffee (not the caffeine) directly cause acid reflux.
  • This extreme acidity depletes the vitamins and minerals in your body, leading to infertility, acid reflux, irregularities in heart function, vitamin deficiencies, and many other health issues.

  • This is why I created the Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer. You can now have your coffee and drink it too—as the old saying goes. Have it all—by just adding one scoop of an Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer, you can fully enjoy a cup(s) without the acid that causes headaches, acid reflux, jitters, and an energy rollercoaster!


    Your Coffee Is Now A Superfood

    When you add in my Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer products, your morning brew becomes a cup of:

      • Magnesium: It reduces inflammation and helps your body recover faster from workouts. 
      • Alpha-GPC, Lion's Mane, and L-Theanine: All are brain boosters that improve your focus and brain cognition.
      • Potassium: It optimizes your brain, nerve, heart, and muscle function.
      • Calcium: We all know it builds healthy bones, but did you also know it reduces acidity and balances your pH?
  • MCT Oil: It helps your body burn fat, increases energy and metabolism, and optimizes brain function.

  • Silica: Builds stronger collagen, nails, and skin.

  • Only filled with goodness: Dairy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, soy-free, and sugar-free—so that you can live free and feel great all day long. 

  • I also never want you to compromise on taste, so I created a range of Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer flavors: salted caramel, mocha, hazelnut, and plain black to drink in a Wake-Up KICK ACID mug!

    The Alkamind alkaline lifestyle that gifts you optimal health is all about enjoying the sweet moments of life—never taking them away. 


    A Morning Moment of Mindfulness

    More than processed foods, artificial sweeteners, lack of daily movement, etc.—stress is the #1 cause of acid! Therefore waking up and kicking acid is equally about managing emotional stress. To be a true acid-kicker, incorporate mindfulness into your morning coffee ritual. Here are a few things I do:

    • I tell my wife and kids 2 things I am grateful for. This sets your thought process on a path of gratitude.
    • Meditate. Even 30 seconds significantly reduces the heavy, tense feelings that stress brings to your body and mind.
    • Smile. A simple smile can warm your heart and the world around you

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