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Stupid winter and its stupid drying air and stupid chapping winds. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m not a fan of winter. I used to love it… when I was 10. These days the slightest chill hurts my bones and my skin starts to crack and look gross. I’m not a fan of the season but I have found some pretty great products that keep my skin and hair in tip-top shape.


While these products work wonders for my dry skin, they may not be the best for everyone. I have sensitive skin and none of the skin care products caused irritation or breakouts, which is why they’re perfect for me. Also, these products were provided for editorial purposes.

The easiest yet most often neglected solution to winter skin care is hydration. Making sure you drink plenty (more than 16 ounces) of water daily is the first step to keeping your skin hydrated. The next step is finding the products that work for you. Below are some of my favorite beauty finds that have helped me hydrate, smooth, and perfect this winter.

winter beauty products you must try

Hyla3D from Jan Marin restores hydration while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful, contoured look.

This has been the fountain of youth for me. As soon as I put it on my skin I can feel it start to plump up and soften. It’s almost like you can watch the wrinkles and fine lines disappear!

Hyla3d comes in a gel form that should be used sparingly – a little really does go a long way with this. It starts to work as soon as you put it on your skin and results last all day. While it does feel slightly tacky at first, it quickly smoothes out leaving behind no residue or flakes. This is as close to perfect as it gets, ladies!

You can get Hyla3D HA Activating Complex from Jan Marini or search to find a local retailer. Be sure to enter to win a tube below!

sure to enter to win a tube below!

I was worried at first that something was wrong with my Sano Naturals Silk Mask. When I opened the first package the product was hard and kind of waxy. I played with it for a few minutes until it was pliable and then I was able to easily spread it over my face using the included brush.

I could definitely feel my skin tightening while it worked its magic, and when I rinsed it off I noticed a significant reduction in the size of my pores. I wouldn’t say it did a whole lot for hydration, but I was happy with the end results nonetheless.

You can get Sano Naturals Silk Masks from the Sano Naturals website

The absolute best thing about the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Touch Hand Cream is the scent. It is intoxicatingly delicious, reminiscent of a tropical beach on a crisp summer day. I’ve never been to Brazil, but this is what I imagine it to smell like!

The next best thing about this hand cream is how amazingly soft my hands feel after I use it. It goes on smooth with no trace of greasiness or residue. It rubs in perfectly leaving behind a subtle scent that lasts for hours. Sol de Janeiro is what everyone needs to bring some warmth into their lives in the dead of winter!

You can get it from the Sol de Janeiro website or search for a local retailer.

Nature™ by Canus combines a pure vegetable soap base with fresh goat‘s milk, plant-based ingredients and natural essential oils, such as Lavender, Olive Oil, and Wheat Protein. Their signature formula is available in Original and Shea Butter and is free of parabens, phosphates, glutens and artificial colors.

These soaps lather beautifully and are individually wrapped making them great for traveling. They’ve been great for my sensitive skin and leave behind some noticeable hydration. They’re not overly smelly so don’t expect luxurious scents to linger after you rinse. For me, that’s a good thing!

You can buy Nature™ by Canus Goat‘s Milk Skin Care Products on their website and be sure to enter to win a pack of 3 below!

Vida Soap goes above and beyond with their natural handmade soaps. They offer the soaps in 6 scents including Rosemary Mint and Pink Grapefruit. The soaps are 100% Natural, Vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. These soaps do leave behind a subtle fragrance that’s clean and refreshing and lasts a good amount of time.

What really sets Vida apart though, is their packaging. They use biodegradable packaging infused with wildflower seeds so when you’re done you can toss the package in your garden and wait for the flowers to bloom.

You can go to the Vida Soap website to buy these amazing soaps.

Tea Tree Oils have a lot of uses with skin relief being at the top. I’ve used JĀSÖN‘s Purifying Tea Tree Oils on my hands a few times when I noticed them starting to crack, with the results being quite soothing.

JĀSÖN’s Smoothing Coconut Hand & Body Lotion was an amazing addition to my beauty arsenal as well. It smells just like a Pina Colada and left my skin silky smooth for hours. It does take a little effort to get this to rub in completely, but once it does there’s no greasy residue.

I’ve been a fan of JĀSÖN for a while now, and these 2 latest products have only made me love them more.

You can buy JĀSÖN skin care products at or search for a local retailer. Be sure to enter to win a vial of Tea Tree Oil below!


Alkamind Daily Omega-3 is designed to provide adults with the average requirement of 3,000 mg of Omega-3 daily to combat lack of fatty acids in the body and toxins. It contains key ingredients for healthy skin and hair and comes in easy to swallow gel capsules.

The best thing about these is the lack of fishy aftertaste. I have avoided fish oil ever since my first “fish burp” and have wished for a supplement that offered all the benefits without that yucky taste. I found it with Alkamind Daily Omega-3 fish oil!

You can get Alkamind Daily Omega-3 fish oil from

Yu-Be Advanced Formula Pure Hydration Cream with Chamomile Extract has been amazing for me. Just a little dollop of the cream leaves my skin incredibly soft. It rubs in clean and has no scent so it’s great for sensitive skin.

The formula is also Paraben, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, and alcohol free. Oh, and it’s vegan/free of animal-derived ingredients! I love the small tube since it allows me to always have it on hand. I use it regularly throughout the day and haven’t had any cracked skin since I started using it!

The new Advanced Formula Cream is available at, and select Yu-Be products can also be found at Target, Amazon, Anthropologie and Nordstrom online.


Gabrielle Union’s Flawless line has brought my hair back to life. The only regret I have is that I cut my hair off before I tried this line. I was so sick of the dull, lifeless locks that I cut 17 inches off. Since I started using the shampoo, conditioner, and shine spray the difference has been incredible. My hair is bouncy, shiny, and tangle free.

This line is a must for anyone who wants more luster and shine for their hair, as well as anyone needing to improve strength and elasticity. Flawless does all of that and then some thanks to a blend of rich oils and protein that help to nourish and provide protection, preventing breakage.

You can find Gabrielle Union’s Flawless line at or search for a local retailer.


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