3 Simple Health Strategies - Part 2

*Please check out part 1 of this series here!

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley. 

With all the information, technology, coaching, supplementation, and support at your fingertips—you truly are the master of your physical, mental, and emotional fate.

It all starts with small DAILY actions that make a huge difference in how you feel and what you can accomplish.

Will you surf the big waves in your life, or will you let them wipe you out? Will you choose to fill your body with organic produce, or pack in toxic fast foods that fast-tracks illness?


Below are 3 realistic and practical physical, mental, and emotional changes you can make that will ripple good health throughout your body and world. Give yourself a big hug and be enchanted with your enthusiasm for stepping into your best health ever!


1. Physical: Coco-clean your body! Literally, as I type, I am swishing coconut oil around my mouth. Why? It is an amazing way to clean (especially for my coffee-loving friends), antibacterial, whiten, and detoxify your teeth and gums. It is a highly effective and non-toxic way to cure tooth decay, gingivitis, bad breath, and prevent cavities! Your mouth is the gateway to the health of your body. Healthy mouth = healthy body! Go on, be the dazzler that you are!

ACTION: All you have to do is put a small spoonful of organic cold-pressed coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for about 10 minutes. Then spit all of it out into the trash and rinse with warm water. DO NOT SWALLOW as it is full of your toxic bacteria! If you have serious dental issues do this 3x per day, for everyone else try to do it 3x a week. 

2. Mental: Wake up and kick acid with your coffee! Yep, your morning java is now a brain-boosting, peak performance-enhancing, alkalizing cup of peak health brew! 

ACTION: Just add in a scoop of your favorite Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer flavor and sip in your best health ever! 

3. Emotional: Let an attitude of gratitude guide your day! I have said it a zillion times, and here it is a zillion +1: Stress is the #1 cause of acid! Meditation is a proven way to melt stress away and reshape how your brain thinks and processes. My favorite meditation is the attitude of gratitude meditation. It is especially important if you find yourself spiraling down the hole of negative thinking and negative manifestations in your life. After just a few moments of doing this daily, you’ll be left feeling more energetic and younger than you’ve felt in years!

ACTION: In the morning and last thing before sleeping, take a deep, cleansing breath, and think about all the good things in your life. Be specific. If you are having trouble getting started, feel gratitude for the gift of breath. Perhaps you are grateful for the fresh blueberries in your fridge, or maybe you accomplished a big project today. The big and little things are all worth your gratitude as this changes your lens from negative to grateful. 

These are just 3 amazing health hacks that you can start with right now. Literally now. Let’s do it together—close your eyes and name something you are grateful for. My grateful moment is that I played soccer with my son this morning, and in the middle, I took a moment to pause and etch this wonderful moment into my soul. 

Feeling good IS for you. Healing IS for you. YOU just need to take the actions to make it happen, and these 3 simple health hacks are totally doable! 


P.S.  Here’s a photo of my not-so-little-anymore favorite man!


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