3 Simple Health Strategies (Part 3)

Please check out part 2 of this series HERE!

Excess body fat is an acid problem.

Part 3 is all about catapulting your body into a fat-burning machine—for life!! Don’t even look at “fad diets.” Deprivation and unrealistic eating plans just set you up for resentment and failure. 

It’s time for a MINDFULNESS shift. Here are a few questions to ask yourself: 

  • “Will this food clog or cleanse me?” 
  • “Will it make me lethargic or energetic?” 
  • “Will it fuel health—or fuel sickness and ‘dis-ease’?”

80%. That’s all I ask. If you follow these 3 simple fat-burning strategies 80% of the time, the pounds will melt off, premature aging will slow down, energy will be bountiful, and chronic diseases can be prevented! 

Now, let’s get to the thick of it: Unhealthy Fat Vs. Healthy Fat. Yep, HEALTHY FAT is a real thing and ESSENTIAL to making you achieve pHenomenal results (pun intended!).

If you want to burn more body fat, you need to load up on more healthy fats. The more fat you want to burn, the more fat and fewer carbs you need to eat!

You might even think of healthy fats as your body’s superheroes coming to save the day! Just remember that UNhealthy fats are the villains in your story, and you totally have the power to fight them off!



3 Fat-Burning Secrets

  • Go NUTS for fat! About 50% of your fuel should be from healthy fats. Some of my favorite ways to enjoy healthy fats are from nuts, eating them raw or in nut butter. Pecans, macadamia, hazelnut, almonds, cashews—but NEVER EAT PEANUTS (here’s why!).

  • Nut “mylks” are another great way to drink healthy fats. My book Get Off Your Acid is filled with easy recipes. Gobbling up seeds (raw, seed butter, and mylk) are another great way to cultivate your healthy fat lifestyle.

    Some of my go-to seeds are pumpkin, flax, sunflower, sesame, and black seed/cumin. I saved the best for last because Black Seed is 3x more anti-inflammatory than turmeric and gives you 1,000x more antioxidants than vitamin E, echinacea, and elderberry! It honestly should be the 8th wonder of our world! Order a bottle of Acid-Kicking BLK Seed Oil for you and another one for your favorite person right here.

    • Hack your eating. Here are 2 hacks that will make your body feel too good to be true!

    • Don’t eat 3 hours before going to sleep. This will help you sleep better and not let food turn into lbs, literally overnight, from a lack of movement. 

    • Don’t eat fruit when you are full. Fruits consumed during or after a big meal can interrupt the digestion of almost anything else, especially carbohydrates and proteins. It causes a traffic jam in your digestive tract and leaves you gassy and bloated. Rule of thumb: bite into nature’s candy on an empty stomach and before meals.

  • Intermittently eat to burn fat. Eating “breakfast” is breaking your “fast” from sleeping. The minute you wake up and swallow the first bite of food, your body starts producing insulin, a fat-storage hormone. By practicing intermittent fasting (IF), you are simply prolonging that state for a few more hours with the goal of keeping insulin levels low, getting the most out of your body being in a fat-burning mode.

  • Try “fasting” for 12 hours a day—8pm to 8am is a double goal. (Remember your parents telling you nothing good happens after 10pm!? This is also true for eating/late-night snacking!) If that is no problem, try to lengthen your fasting window. Then break your fast with a breakfast full of healthy fats to energize your day!

    Our bodies are brilliant and want to feel amazing—they just need the right care and tools to work at OPTIMUM levels! Utilizing the power of these 3 secrets will rev up the fat-burning machine we all have inside of us! You are what you eat. 

    The graphics below help you strategize your meals. The biggest part of the alkaline pyramid, your foundation, is leafy greens that truly make your health blossom! An easy way to ensure you are rooted in good health every single day is by adding a scoop of Acid-Kicking RAW Greens into your smoothie, water, mylk—whatever way you want to go green!

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