Post-Holiday Gut Issues?

Have you been feeling bloated, low energy, and puffy these last few weeks?

Your gut is partied out. Stress, alcohol, rich and sugary foods, and lack of exercise can all lead to post-holiday gut syndrome (a term I just made up!). 

The holidays are meant to be lavishly enjoyed—and I hope you did! But I am also a parent and understand that all the stress and going off healthy eating and mindfulness routines can lead to feeling plain icky. A worn-out gut can manifest as weight gain, fatigue, stomach issues, poor sleep, and crankiness. 

5 Ways To Heal From Post-Holiday Gut Syndrome

Did you catch my blog post: Jan-YOU-ary? This month is all about YOU and being intentional about what you can GIVE to yourself. Not takeaway. No toxic deprivation in the Alkamind community!  

Today is the day to trust your gut—which starts with a little TLC to repair the gut lining and feed the good bacteria. Restoring your gut will give you a stronger immune system, optimal energy, and just feeling light and happy! 

  • It’s time to come clean! My viral Internal Shower has been viewed by 147 MILLION people and counting because it is a simple way to genuinely improve your gut health! Drinking this shot lowers inflammation in your gut because the chia seeds lubricate and hydrate your mucous membranes, giving you that INTERNAL SHOWER effect—hence the name (watch the video)! Learn all about it here and take a shot today!

  • Live slow & fast. Stress is the #1 cause of acid, and slowing down can help reduce the acid that has built up from a hectic holiday season. Fasting for 12-14 hours can also give your digestion a break so that it can focus on repairing the gut. A gentle double fast could be only drinking water and herbal teas from 7 pm to 8 am.

  • Alkalize your coffee. Alkaline coffee is a REAL thing. Yes, coffee is full of acid, which can lead to stomach unhappiness. However, I know a hot cup of coffee on a cold morning is a MUST for most of my friends—no matter what. This is why I created Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizers and Brain Boosters in your favorite flavors! I told ya, we are all about adding in—not taking away! 

  • Royally reduce inflammation. Ancient Egyptian royalty used BLK Seed Oil to optimize their health because it is 3x more anti-inflammatory than turmeric and provides 1,000x more antioxidants than Vitamin E, Echinacea, and Elderberry! Even if the bloated, puffy, and fatigued feels have yet to bubble to the surface, your body is still likely to be super inflamed after the holidays. BLK Seed Oil is also a legendary beauty secret—uncover why here!

  • Soothe your soul and gut with steamy, cooked foods. Salads and raw veggies are a wonderful way to boost your health. However, during a period of restoring your gut, I suggest focusing on steaming your veggies as they will be easier to digest. 

  • While you may not be able to just relax on a sunny beach somewhere, you can still treat your gut to a healing and nourishing vacation by being intentional about the 5 steps above. Your gut has been working too much over time; she deserves it! 

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