Seasonal Eating: Better For You + Our World

In real life, different types of alkaline foods only grow in a specific season. In the grocery store, everything is always “in season.” How can this be? Buckle up; we are going on the arduous journey of how an out-of-season apple is always “fresh” and shiny at your grocery store. 

Our journey begins by looking at the little sticker on the apple. If the number says 9 = it’s fine. Nine means it is organic and not grown with all sorts of pesticides. If it says 8 = I hate. Eight means it is genetically modified. Now, let’s check to see where the apple grew up. This sticker says “China,” which is common since they are the leading producer of apples worldwide. Pack your bags, let’s time travel! 

From seed to sold, here's the apple's story. It was grown under China's produce regulations, picked before ripe, and stored in a special freezer for several weeks. Then your apple was flown across the world and soaked up ETHYLENE GAS to start the ripening process upon arrival in the USA. Next, the apple got waxed to make it "pretty" (and seal in all the toxins it just received) and put on a truck or maybe another plane and then a truck, before finally landing in your hand at the grocery store. YIKES!

During this process, harmful toxins were added, nutrients were drastically lost, and unnecessary CO2 emissions went into the air from all that travel. It probably tastes rather bland compared to your favorite apple grower at the farmer’s market or at least a locally grown apple sold at the store. 

Moral of the story: If you want to live 'appley' ever after, then buy products that are in season, and therefore local, to your home! Just like you get excited to dust off the autumn sweaters and scarves when the first leaf falls, you will start to get excited about eating different fruits and veggies during their season to shine. 

It really is true—moms do know best, and so does mother nature! Eating seasonally tastes better and is healthier for you and our planet. 

Learning the life story of your food is fascinating! Also, when your family is engaged with what is on their plate, they will most likely eat it without a second thought or an “eww gross!” from the kiddos. 

This is why I am such a big promoter of taking your family to farmer’s markets and getting to know the people who grow your food. After all, your local farmer is definitely the expert on what to eat during each season in your area! Farm to your fork—Bon Appétit!

P.S. For all the coffee lovers out there, I know that a morning cuppa is always, always in season! This is why I created the Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer Bundle with different flavors to match your seasonal taste! 



‘Tis the season for local eating! Here’s a basic chart to follow:

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