Stop Drinking Kombucha!

Yep, you read the title correctly. I’m picking a fight with Kombucha, FALSELY known as the trendy “healthy, gut-healing” drink.

It’s easy to believe the hype and misinformation about acidic choices disguised as “healthy.” Therefore, providing evidence-based truth is one of the main reasons I spend so much time writing blogs and posting on my personal and Alkamind Instagram pages and Facebook page

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said it best: “Look to the GUT, for it is the cause of all disease.” This is because 80% of your nervous and immune systems live in your gut.

Your mental state is equally connected to your gut microbiome, as 95% of serotonin (your happy, feel-good hormone) is made in the gut. Gut health is critical to living your best health ever, but drinking falsely advertised Kombucha will only make things worse.

For a quick refresher on gut health and 4 things you should do right now, please read this blog post.

Here’s why you should boot the ‘bucha:

Kombucha is naturally acidic due to the fermentation process, especially

because it is derived from sweetened Black Tea—which is VERY acid-forming. 

Plus, Kombucha is typically made with added SUGAR to support the fermentation process. Even though the fermentation process eats away much of the sugar, this process still results in relatively high sugar content in the final product. And then there are all the added sugars for different flavors.

Remember this: ACID = INFLAMMATION. You do not die of old age—you die of too much inflammation.

Inflammation & leaky gut are actually what’s in your cup!

Kombucha is also riddled with YEAST, and filled with carbonation, caffeine, and alcohol. It’s basically a cup full of leaky gut and inflammation! Mind-blowing—I know—because it is marketed as a “healthy probiotic that regulates your gut.” 

In fact, the fermentation process creates so much alcohol in Kombucha, that it is starting to be considered an “alcoholic” beverage since many brands exceed the 0.8 legal limit. 

Are there other “healthy” foods and drinks you’re unsure about? Drop them in the comments of this Instagram post, and I’ll give you a yay or nay. 

REAL Gut-Fitness

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Leaky gut not only wreaks havoc on your microbiome but also has the potential to cause many DOWNSTREAM health issues deeper in your body if not addressed. These include bloating, thyroid conditions, weight gain, fatigue, joint pain, chronic headaches, depression, etc.

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