The #1 Best Way to Prevent Sudden Death

Have you ever known anyone who died suddenly of a heart attack?

Often when this happens, and especially when the person is younger than about 60, everyone is shocked. “But she was so healthy!” they say, or “It came out of nowhere!”

Stories like this are all too common. Heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the US – even in 2020, killing almost double the number of people who died of Covid-19.

But sad to say, the idea that these tragic deaths came without warning is usually not quite accurate. Typically, the signs are there. It’s a matter of whether or not anyone sees them.

Heart disease is an inflammation problem, as are other leading causes of death like stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. As the Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute put it: “Sustained low levels of inflammation irritate your blood vessels. Inflammation may promote growth of plaque in your arteries and trigger blood clots – the primary cause of heart attacks and strokes .”

Inflammation is often called a “silent killer” because it can go undetected or under-detected for years or even decades. What might seem like “just a headache” or “standard achy joints” could be a sign of a much bigger problem.

That’s why it’s essential that we do everything we can to prevent chronic inflammation so that we won’t end up as another one of those shocking and tragic stories.

In fact, the “silent killer” is why I created a supplement specifically to reduce chronic inflammation. I saw a lack in the market for a quality supplement that was more powerful than turmeric with black pepper at fighting inflammation, and that substance is what I want to tell you about today: black seed oil!

What Is Black Seed Oil?

It’s known by many names: black cumin seed, black sesame, Roman coriander, black caraway, the “seed of blessing,” kalonji, and even onion seed. But the seeds of the pretty flowering plant nigella sativa have very little in common with cumin, caraway, sesame seeds, or onion seeds.

Those spices and seeds are good for you, but they are completely different plants than the inflammation-busting wonder seed that is black seed!

Black seed and its most powerful form, cold-pressed oil, comes from North Africa, parts of Asia, and the Middle East. In fact, ancient Egyptian kings, queens, and pharaohs relied on this potent super seed for optimal health, beauty, and wellness.

Benefits of Black Seed Oil

You know how popular turmeric is as an anti-inflammatory, but what you may not know is that research shows black seed oil is 3 TIMES more potent than turmeric!

In addition to being a source of healthy fats, black seed oil is rich in healthy compounds like flavonoids. The most potent compound is thymoquinone, a powerful, all-natural anti-inflammatory that is clinically proven to:

  • Reduce the size of cancerous tumors in several studies, including colorectal, breast, bone, ovarian, pancreatic, leukemia, and lymphoma – this benefit alone is hugely important and cannot be overstated!
  • Optimize cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • Boost the immune system
  • Provide antibacterial and anti-fungal protection, especially against candida yeast
  • Reduce allergy symptoms in patients due to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Improve lung function in people with asthma
  • Help protect against diabetes and decrease diabetes symptoms in patients who have been diagnosed
  • Strengthen connective tissue in skin, hair, and nails – slowing signs of aging 1,000 times more powerfully than vitamin E!
  • Lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, as it boosts memory, cognition, and attention span
  • Aid weight loss

There are even topical applications of black seed oil that have been shown to improve everything from acne to psoriasis.

With that said, it’s important to note that the greatest benefit of black seed oil – reducing inflammation – happens over time with consistent use. So you might not notice a huge benefit right away (although some people do). But over time, you will notice fewer symptoms of chronic inflammation like achy joints, fatigue, stomach upset, and skin rashes.

Can You Eat Black Seeds?

With all of the benefits of black seed oil, you may be wondering if you can add it to your diet.

While supplementing with black seed oil is the most common way to reap its benefits because the oil itself is quite bitter, you can find black seeds to add to soups, stir-fries, curries, or salads.

The seeds have a slightly bitter flavor, so use them in any application you might use cumin or caraway seeds. A little goes a long way!

What to Look for in a Supplement

One thing that’s important to note about black seed oil is that the quality varies immensely.

Most of the oil and supplements on the market come from seeds grown in India, and unfortunately, it’s often cut with cheaper oils, diluting its potency. Seeds grown in the Middle East are reliably of higher quality.

Even among supplements that are pure and potent, some of them are stored improperly. They should always be stored in dark bottles because sunlight is damaging.

You also want to be careful with liquid supplements. It’s a very powerful and harsh tasting oil, so many companies mix it with honey as a liquid supplement (or recommend buyers mix it with honey), which is high in fructose, making it acidic and inflammatory, defeating the whole purpose.

That’s why when I created our Acid-Kicking Black Seed Oil, I used a dark green capsule that does 2 things. First, it keeps (along with our bottle) light from damaging the quality of the oil. But just as importantly, it contains chlorophyll, making it much easier to breakdown and digest. This skyrockets the bioavailability of the supplement compared to other black seed oils.

Another difference between ours and most competitors is that we searched the world over for the best black seeds. My search brought me to Israel. Because of the climate there, the result is a super seed. Ours is research proven to be 3 TIMES more potent than any other black cumin seed oil. Our leading competitor has 1% of the active ingredient thymoquinone, and ours has 3%!

It also contains the novel fatty acid called omega-7, which research shows can help break the viscous cycle of high blood sugar, elevated lipid levels, inflammation, and excess fat gain, as well as enhance insulin sensitivity.

Our cutting edge capsule is also 100% vegan, and unlike most vegetarian capsules, this technology uses:

  • NO toxic ingredients
  • NO processed, refined oils
  • NO artificial ingredients
  • NO inflammatory, acidic fats

After all, what’s the point of taking an anti-inflammatory that’s stored in an inflammatory capsule?

If you’ve experienced any precursors to heart disease like high blood pressure or high cholesterol, or any signs or symptoms of chronic inflammation, you’ve got to try Acid-Kicking Black Seed Oil, an incredible tool for your health and wellness.

The results among my patients in my wellness clinic are amazing. In fact, some people with high blood pressure immediately saw their blood pressure go way down to safer levels.

Improved my blood pressure

“When I started taking Daily Cumin3X, my blood pressure was dangerously high, at 170/105 (not good!). After 45 days of being on the supplement, I am THRILLED to say that my blood pressure is on the high end of NORMAL, and is continuing to drop. I started taking the Daily Cumin3X side-by-side my Daily Omega-3, and the two together did the job! I avoided any medications, and couldn't be happier.” —Renee G. (Verified Buyer)

Calmed GI pain down

“This is great for my inflammation in my GI tract I get with certain foods and alcohol. It has really taken away most the pain and swelling I feel in my abdomen afterward. Great daily supplement!” —Marisa (Verified Buyer)

Bet on Black seed Oil

“I have inflammatory arthritis and have been on prescription medication for the last five years. I have wanted to find a way to ween off of the medication with my doctors guidance. I started taking black seed oil and in just 2-3 months have completely gotten off the prescription drug by taking black seed oil and tweaking my diet. Amazing! Can’t recommend it more!” —Ann K. (Verified Buyer)

Try Acid-Kicking Black Seed Oil today or Subscribe & Save 15%!


Dr. Daryl

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