Why Alzheimer’s Rates Are Drastically Increasing

By 2060, a UCLA study predicts the number of people with mild cognitive impairment from Alzheimer’s or clinical Alzheimer’s will increase by 250%... 

What are YOU doing—today—to protect your brain?

Here’s the non-sugar-coated truth about why Alzheimer's (and other brain diseases) are increasing at mind blowing rates: SUGAR (glycation is the main culprit).

The link between Alzheimer’s and sugar consumption is so strong that the disease is often called Type 3 Diabetes. The alarming Alzheimer’s increase is because sugar is being dumped into places you least expect. Sugar is in BBQ and pasta sauces, yogurt (sometimes more grams than ice cream), and fruit juices, to name a few. It also hides under 62 different names.

In short, glycation in the brain promotes the formation of plaques, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s. Once the plaques are formed, you can’t undo them. You have to stop new plaques from forming before they start, and reducing insulin and glucose levels in the brain and lowering neuroinflammation is the way to do that.

And how do you do that? GET OFF YOUR SUGAR.

7 Ways To Neuroprotect Your Brain

In my book, Get Off Your Sugar, I outline 7 practical ways to sustainable and happily reduce your sugar intake so that you can give yourself a strong, happy, and Acid-Kicking brain. For all the actionable details insights, please order the book here. To give you a quick taste, I very briefly outlined the first 3 steps below.

  • Re-Mineralize. If you don’t prioritize your mineral intake before attempting to get off your sugar, your cravings would simply be too strong. Minerals are what make your electrical circuitry function. You truly can’t live without them—which is why I created Acid-Kicking Minerals that include the 4 mighty minerals.

  • Add More Healthy Fats. Your target is to consume 50 to 70 percent of your daily calories from healthy fats. Since your brain is 60% fat, make sure you are giving it the fuel it needs for optimal performance. These Coconut Oil Fat Bombs are a dreamy way to add in more healthy and brain-protecting fats. Taking Acid-Kicking Omega-3 will also ensure your brain gets the EPA, DHA, and Antioxidants it desperately needs to fight off brain diseases.

  • Get Protein Smart. You may experience some shocking moments while reading this section, such as why conventionally grown chicken is drastically worse than eating red meat. Meat also isn’t the best source of Vitamin B12, and I do NOT recommend being a full vegetarian (here's why).

  • This step, and all of the steps, are jam-packed with solutions that focus on ADDING in and enjoying life. Never deprivation nor perfection. Everything I do is about lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime—for you and your family.

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