5 Hidden Sources Of Inflammation

Diet is just ONE of the top FIVE sources that lead to inflammation. An acidic state means the body is toxic, inflamed, and deficient. Therefore, inviting in diseases, illnesses, and just feeling blah. Here are 5 culprits:

  • Diet
  • Metabolic Acids
  • Environmental Acids
  • Chemical Acids
  • Stress

  • These INFLAMMATORY substances lodge in your cells, poison the body, wreak havoc on the GUT MICROBIOME, and are impossible to escape from completely. 

    However, you know me—I’m a man of realistic and practical solutions. No matter what, you do have control over your body and experience your best health ever! It’s not all doom and gloom. There are things you CAN DO to minimize inflammation in your body.

    It’s a two-pronged approach: reduce the toxicity and add vital nutrients. Take away the bad and add in the good.

    Let’s break it down, together.


    Foods heal or damage; strengthen or inflame.

    The SAD: Standard American Diet (processed foods, chemical additives, soda, etc.) fills it with acid that leads to obesity, illnesses, and mental health challenges. 

    With the Strength-Eating™ Macro Plan feeling rewarded, relaxed, and refreshed can be your reality. It is all about enjoying delicious foods and ADDING strategic supplements to give yourself optimal energy for whatever comes your way, vibrancy like you didn’t know possible, and just overall feeling AHH-MAZING. And, of course, drastically reducing your risk of illnesses. Learn all about the Strength-Eating™ Macro Plan HERE. 


    The body is naturally alkaline, yet it produces acid throughout the day. Our worlds have become so toxic that the natural, built-in mineral reserve buffers we are born with (that help to fight acid and inflammation throughout the day) are overwhelmed and depleted. Drinking a scoop of Acid-Kicking Minerals can help restore the minerals, such as Magnesium Glycinate, that are being drained. 


    Our environment is deeply toxic. The average household contains about 62 toxic chemicals! And that doesn’t include the toxins in your food or water. Using natural cleaners and drinking purified water will make a massive difference (for you and our planet). I dive into what’s actually in your tap water and which types of water you should drink in this blog post.

    Acid-Kicking Greens will naturally optimize your body’s detoxification process. One scoop gives your body FIVE servings of the healthiest and most potent greens on earth. No juicing, no mess, and no expensive products required. Just one scoop a day.


    You ingest and absorb chemical acids, sometimes by choice, inflame your body and brain. Antibiotics, personal care and beauty products, and home cleaners are filled with toxins that wreak havoc. This is part of the depression and anxiety epidemic as they are brain-gut health issues. 

    The Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acid ratio: PRO-inflammatory to Anti-inflammatory. It should be 1:1. However, the average American has a ratio of 25:1! Learn all about it here. To reduce chemical-causing inflammation and detox your brain, take an Acid-Kicking Omega-3 supplement daily. 


    In regards to the acid it creates in your body, mental and emotional stress outweighs everything else on this list so far. To better manage your stress, do one thing (or more) daily to get you out of your head and into your HEART!

    Meditation, playing in nature, yoga, breathwork, cold showers, and grounding are all FREE stress-busters. Get more ideas via this blog.


    START NOW…ADD, ADD, and ADD some more. Maybe a green juice today, do that for 7 days, then add a rebounder.

    Stack it, and watch your health, stress levels, and waistline transform before your eyes.

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