Say NO To Sick Season

“Flu/Sick Season” isn’t something you have to accept begrudgingly.
opt out. 

You get to CHOOSE how well your immune system works by what you put into your mind, body, and soul. 

Viruses and germs can be swirling all around you, but just like you put on a raincoat to stay dry in a storm, coating your body with a strong immune system will keep you healthy. No matter how heavy the illnesses are raining down.

I also want to remind you that emotional and mental stress can manifest into physical illnesses. 

ALL your systems—from your Vagus Nerve to your Lymphatic System—should be equally loved and supported. 

Therefore, being intentional about getting a rejuvenating sleep, a sweaty workout, laughs with your family and friends, and setting aside time for calming prayer or meditation is all part of curating a SICK-FREE you. 

My EXACT Formula For Opting Out Of Sick Season

Ladies and gents, here is what Chelsea and I do every day. I can’t even remember the last time either of us had a sniffle.

Rise And Actually Shine:

  • The rise: Energize, immunize, detoxify, and alkalize with a tall glass of water with 1 scoop of Acid-Kicking Daily Greens. The 21 nutrient-dense alkaline superfoods crammed into 1 scoop will supercharge your immune system and give you energy you didn’t know was possible. 
  • The silver shine: Follow up with 15 sprays of Sovereign Silver in your mouth. Then swish for 20 seconds and swallow. This is a powerful natural antibiotic, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal.
  • Coffee Time: Especially on cold, dark mornings—a hot cuppa is a musta. I totally get it, which is why I created Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer. Coffee is incredibly acidic, but the highly strategic ingredients in my Acid-Kicking Coffee Alkalizer neutralize the acid while igniting your metabolism to tap into stored body fat.
  • End your morning routine by feeding your physical body an alkaline breakfast and your soul with a few minutes of meditation, grounding, power breathing, or stretching. Here are 10 ways to combat stress right now. Shine on.

Afternoon Delight:

  • Vitamin D = Drops of winter health and happiness. Vitamin D is a crucial nutrient for your nervous and immune systems, but 75-90% of Americans are vitamin D deficient during the short winter days. Without vitamin D, they can’t do their jobs. This leads to depression (aka your nervous system shutting down) and sickness. Say NO to the sick season with my Acid-Kicking Vitamin D3 + K2.

  • Get fresh. Fresh air and outdoor movement are essential to preventing sickness and sadness during the winter. It can help raise oxygen levels in your brain, which increases serotonin (a neurotransmitter that alters your mood). 

Remember this (write it out and put it on your mirror if you need to): If you don’t make time for wellness—you will be forced to make time for physical and mental illness.

Sleep Well

  • PRIORITIZE YOUR SLEEP. It’s a must for preventing mental and physical illness. I can’t stress this enough. Click HERE for my Top Sleep Hacks. 
  • Acid-Kicking Magnesium can help you catch those ever-elusive Zs because it helps calm your nervous system, relax your muscles (no more restless leg syndrome), and maintain your body’s GABA levels—neurotransmitters responsible for "turning off" wakefulness. Acid-Kicking Magnesium also increases your body’s dopamine levels, which are responsible for your motivation and enjoyment.

From my family to yours, cheers to amazing health! - Dr. Daryl

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